I Was Inspired To Get My Future Room To Look Like This!

Glad Live Yeouido, a Member of Design Hotels is located at 16 Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, South Korea.  Glad Live Yeouido is part of the Design Hotel, just like Glad Live Gangnam is.

The hotel is an SPG hotel partner and is close to Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport. You can get to both airports riding the public train transit transportation in Seoul.

Bus terminals are located throughout Seoul, and take you to any point in Seoul. Taxis are even more convenient but pricier than a train or bus.

My stay at the Glad Live Yeouido was from 14 Nov – 15 Nov 2018. I booked a Standard non-smoking, Queen bed category room, but I got a twin bed category room. I don’t know if that was an upgrade, but I didn’t notice. I was distracted by how awesome the room looked!

The main lobby receptionist was courteous and graciously checked me in. I didn’t feel like a number at this hotel, just like most hotels in South Korea. The female receptionist gave me 15:00 PM next day checkout, which was great. I only stayed until 13:00 PM next day because the next hotel I was staying at had a 14:00 PM check-in time.

Glad Live Yeouido has all the common standard services and amenities you would expect from a hotel, but the main thing that stood out was the design of their room.

The regular standard room was vibrant and exciting to look at. It wasn’t dull looking with an impersonal atmosphere feel. I felt at home staying in this hotel. It was apparent that whoever the room designer was had put thought and time into the design of the room. It was an enjoyable experience staying at the Glad Hotel Yeouido.

As soon as I walked inside the room, I felt as if the designers had actually walked through a simulated room similar to mine in order to design this unique room. Everything seemed to be strategically placed to provide the best visual and stay experience.

For security reasons, the window does not open fully, it opened about 4 inches. That’s for the guest’s safety and children’s safety. Fortunately, the fresh air came in nicely and cooled the room in a short time.


Glad Live Yeouido Room View of the City





What’s Included With The Stay At Glad Live Yeouido?

• Complimentary Breakfast. Very good and delicious breakfast served in a lovely atmospheric room with eye appealing chairs and table.
• Complimentary Premium Wi-Fi. No complaints, I streamed Youtube videos smoothly.
• Complimentary Parking for my POV. They took my license plate number and gave me a coupon to scan into the machine.
• Complimentary Fitness Gym. A small standard small with treadmills, elliptical machine, dumbbells. So I could work out and chisel my hero form.
• Complimentary two water bottles from the mini refrigerator each day.
• Late Check Out of 15:00 PM.


Glad Live Yeouido Room View





Is Glad Live Yeouido Worth It?

The price per night was W128,000 and a W12,000 tax for a total of W140,800 per night.

1. The Glad Live Yeouido charges breakfast at W30,000 but it was free for my stay.
3. I price the complimentary 24 Hour Parking at W50,000 per day
4. Two Complimentary Water Bottles: W2,000

If you add these three items, it comes to W82,000 per day.  Subtract W140,800 from W82,000, and it cost me W58,800 per day to stay at Glad Live Yeouido.  I included the tax into this cost analysis.

In the end, I think the room only cost me W58,800 per night.  I think that it’s worth it because parking is a premium cost here in Seoul, just like San Francisco, California. So getting complimentary parking at the hotel is a valuable perk.


Glad Live Yeouido Room View 2





Final Thoughts

The room had a nice vibe, and the appealing colors gave it a feeling of privacy to the place.  For some odd reason, while in the room, I felt like I was in the movie Blade Runner and also something you might see in an open world sci-fi video game.

Would I recommend the hotel to my friends and people?

Yes, the hotel is clean, modern looking and with a beautiful city view of Seoul.  If you are afraid of heights, I recommend you ask for lower level floors.  If you love new and exciting architectural designs and grateful for good hospitality and service, then travelers will want to stay at the Glad Live Yeouido Hotel.


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