An Awesome Hotel Inside Times Square Mall

The 16-story Courtyard By Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel has 283 rooms that come with a combination bedroom and living area, room climate control, LCD TV, a laptop safe, mini refrigerator, a spacious modern bathroom and soundproof windows. There is a fitness gym, rooftop terrace, tennis court, and Avante Garde arts can be discovered throughout the hotel.

The Courtyard Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel is on the top floors of Times Square Shopping Mall, a shopping mall that is visited by thousands of tourists and Koreans daily.

Since its opening, it has been showcased and visited by Korean TV shows, famous celebrities, and Youtubers. The popular Korean TV variety show “The Running Man” held episodes at the Seoul Times Square.

Merely 13 km or 7.8 miles away from the 4-star Courtyard By Marriot Seoul Times Square Hotel is SMTown Museum.

Seoul Times Square Hotel is about 20 minutes’ drive away from Gimpo airport. Gimpo airport is about 20 minutes drive to Seoul Times Square Hotel.

Courtyard Seoul Times Square is located at 15 Yeongjung-ro, Yeondeungpo-gu, Seoul. Strategically placed, the nightlife, attractions, and other places of interest is very close by.

I’ve wanted to check that hotel since I saw it at a few youtube videos from Youtubers that shared what Seoul Times Square looked like. I liked the idea of the hotel being right within the Mall, with everything a short walking distance around it.


Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View 3






Where Is the Courtyard Seoul Times Square Hotel Located?

The hotel is located within or on top of the fifth floor of Seoul Times Square Mall.  The mall is huge, and I almost got lost a few times.  If you aren’t careful and just walk around the mall, you may find yourself far away from your original entrance.

The hotel Courtyard Seoul Times Square is difficult to find for first timers that are looking for the hotel.  It took me 30 minutes to find the hotel, even after looking at the map and using the information booth kiosks located throughout the mall.

The hotel occupies part of the Times Square Mall starting on the fifth floor.  It does have a ground street level entrance, which I didn’t find.  I didn’t find it because I drove to one of the underground parking entrances.

I did this because I thought it would be easy to see the hotel elevator at the underground parking entrances.  But I was wrong. I realized that this had become a quest to find the elusive hotel elevator.

I found myself parking my car and finding myself at the sub-basement floors.  The floors have stores, restaurants.  Whatever you wanted to buy or eat, its at one of the sub-basement floors.  However, the mall is many stories high and the hotel is on the 5th floor above ground level.

I discovered Starbucks and the Shinsegae Department Store while going up and down the escalators and all throughout the mall looking for the hotel.  I was getting frustrated because I didn’t know where the hotel was.


Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View


At this point 30 minutes into my search, I could tell you where the CGV movie theater, Starbucks, Shinsegae Department Store, Smoothie King, Krispy Kremes, and where even the bathroom was, but not the hotel.

I was getting angry and frustrated. Luckily, I wasn’t Bruce Banner, because the Mall wouldn’t have been in one piece. I had asked directions from mall security, cleaners, shoppers, and also google mapped it on my Galaxy Note 8, and finally found the hotel by accident.  The entrance to the hotel is located at a courtyard of sorts, with a tiny sign that says, Marriott.

Now, I can find it if I had to go back.

The hotel is partners with the Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) program and I am a Gold Elite member because I hold an SPG Amex Card. Not the new SPG Luxury American Express Card that has a heretical $450 annual fee. I have the card that is a $95 annual fee.  No way, I will be canceling this card anytime soon.

I didn’t pay the room rate in cash. I must be a genious prodigy. Instead, I redeemed 25,000 points for a 1-night stay. My room type was City View with a 1 king or double bed on a high floor, espresso machine included.

Complimentary Parking or Valet Parking is W20,000 each day. What? $19.30 for someone to park my car? No way. I drove my Camaro down to the parking lot myself.

The Fitness Gym is open 24/7. There was no one there at 06:30 and I did a little weight lifting and left. It’s not a big gym. They had two weight machines, a rack of dumbbells, elliptical and treadmills.

The breakfast was regally good. There was a lot of food selections, drinks, coffee, and desserts. A chef was there making omelets and scrambled eggs for people. The breakfast cost W31,000 or roughly $27. I don’t think I ate nearly W31,000. Not even W20,000 worth of food. Coffee and bagel is what I would have had from Starbucks in the morning, and that would have cost me W8,000 and I would have been good with it.

The hotel was clean and bright wherever I went. Better than some other hotel that I have been to where the hallways had black wall panels, doors and looked something like a scene from a horror film.


Courtyard Seoul Times Square Mini Refrigerator


What I Got Or Didn’t Get As A SPG Gold Elite Member

  • Since I was a Gold Elite member, I got late checkout time for 14:30, no later. I couldn’t get 16:00 PM since the hotel was busy and needed the rooms.
  • There are no laundry room facilities for self-laundry.
  • Free Premium Wi-Fi.
  • Complimentary Fitness Gym Access.
  • I received 2 free complimentary water bottles and a small 6 chocolate ball package as a complimentary gift.
  • No complimentary lunch. I had to pay W31,000 daily rate.
  • A nice city view.

The espresso machine in the room didn’t work. I followed everything showed in the picture, but no coffee came out. Since I wasn’t on a starship, I even put water in the machine water container, thinking that the espresso machine didn’t automatically make the water along with the coffee cup.

That’s pretty much what I have to write about the Courtyard Seoul Times Square.


Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View 2


Would I Stay Here Again?

Yes. The hotel room felt modern, clean, and bright. While inside the hotel room, I felt inspired to write this post inside the room, as weird as that sounds. I actually wanted to write.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you want to be within Seoul Times Square Mall, then go ahead and reserve a room. There are other hotels around the Mall, but Courtyard Seoul Times Square by Marriott offers convenience to the Mall’s entertainment and shopping. The Mall is literally right outside the hotels main lobby entrance doors. Just walk out the entrance, and you have CGV Movie Theater to the left and the Shinsegae Department Store and the Seoul Times Square Mall to your right. All within a short walking distance of less than 1 minute or 5 seconds if you are a fast runner.


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