Spoiled Like A Rich Korean Chaebol Kid

At the Grand Hilton Seoul.  Kind of.  Maybe.  Well, I like to think so.  What kind of name is Grand Hilton?  It seemed kind of tacky, you know?  Tacky like calling myself Supreme Noob Gamer.  I didn’t know what I was staying at with a name like that.  I had plenty of time to think about it on my drive up to the hotel.  I didn’t take any public transportation this time around, but it is possible.  Here’s how.

You can take the city subway orange train Line 3 and get off on Exit 4 from the Hongje Station.  This exit is the closest to the hotel; but still requires an additional 15 to 25 minutes walk to get there.  So, if you have luggage, I recommend you take a taxi. The Grand Hilton Seoul is on top of a hill close by the Naebu Expressway, whereby the rooms offer a spectacular view of the expressway and the surroundings.  You will be walking underneath and next to the elevated expressway; so you will be getting exercise.

Grand Hilton Seoul is about 45 minutes from Incheon International Airport, roughly 15 minutes to downtown Seoul and close to many excellent attractions, food eateries, and entertainment complexes. There is a bus stop located at street level, and taxis are available at street level and at the hotel.

I reserved a standard executive room and got to the Grand Hilton Seoul on 4 Nov 2018 around 16:30.  The hotel is located on the hill, you will have to go up the hill to see the main lobby entrance.

As I drove up the hill, I saw several buildings on my right that seemed to be part of the Hilton.  There is a conference building left of the hotel at the top of the hill, and the entrance to the underground parking area is to the right of the Grand Hilton Seoul.  I believe that part of the mountain was excavated and the Grand Hilton Seoul was built at the excavated and leveled area of the mountain.  If you stay at the Grand Hilton, check the surroundings and you will see why I thought this.


Grand Hilton Seoul View of the City


There are seven restaurants located inside the Grand Hilton Seoul serving both Western and Korean cuisine. Complimentary breakfast is served on the lower lobby floor, and the Executive Floor Lounge on the 11th floor is open for guests and their visitors for snacks, evening cocktails, and relaxation.

The hotel has a convenience store, a recent addition as of 2019. If the restaurant is too pricey and you want something different to eat or drink, the convenience store is a great alternative.  You don’t have to walk down the hill to reach the street and look for a convenience store. There is one inside the hotel!

There is an underground and above ground parking area.  I parked my car on both the ground parking and underground parking during my stay at the Grand Hilton Seoul. Both parking areas are spacious, and lights turn on during the evening, lighting the area.

I went to the front receptionist on the lobby floor located on the ground floor.  Since I was a Hilton Honors Diamond member, I had to go upstairs to the 11th floor and check in.  I thought that was a bit weird. I got to the 11th floor and saw a desk with a female receptionist.  She checked me in and told me the benefits I would be receiving.


Grand Hilton Seoul Breakfast at the Lounge





Additional benefits For Being a Hilton Honors Diamond member

1.  Free parking for my car
2. Fruit dish and a small box of chocolate, 6 mini chocolate balls.
3. Two complimentary water bottles each day.
4. Free wifi
5. 220 volts to a 110-volt power converter.
6. A one-category room upgrade.
The hotel doesn’t have a laundry machine to do self-laundry, so I found one about 3 miles away that had a cafe in it.  I went there twice, each visit costing W10,000.
I ate at one of the hotel’s restaurant, paid W24,000 for a chicken sandwich using my Hilton Aspire American Express Card.  The card’s perk offers a $250 annual hotel credit for Hilton Hotel Stays, Spas, and Food.  Will have to see if the statement gets credit, so I don’t have to pay for the meal.


Grand Hilton Seoul View of the City 2





How I Got My Money’s Worth Getting During My Stay At The Grand Hilton Seoul

I went to breakfast in the morning, used the breakfast coupon.  Priceless. Went to the 11th floor into the Club Lounge to get all the free sodas, free coffees, open late night food each day.  Even more priceless.

A soda costs W1,400 per can at local mini stores.  I think I had an average of 3 cans a day with 2 cups of coffee, and cheese during cocktail hour.  I saved W10,000 each day for a total of W60,000 during my 6-day stay.  I am shameless.

To get your moneys worth, you may have to gourge on food and drinks. I got nothing bad to say about that.

The fitness gym was medium sized, small for a hotel.  Always busy with seniors. Worked out at the gym.  Somewhat priceless.


Not So Good

The hotel didn’t have a laundry machine, I had to drive 4 miles to a Laundromat Cafe cafe.  It had three laundry machines, two dryers, and a cafe inside.  I had to go there twice, each visit cost W10,000.  Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed at the hotel for 7 days.

I got a haircut from the barber located on the lower lobby inside the Grand Hilton Seoul.  The hair shave, cost me W30,000, W10,000 more than what I usually pay for a hair shave.


Grand Hilton Seoul Standard Room View 2





Final Thoughts

The view at the Club Lounge located on the 11th floor is great, I was inspired to take photos.

To get anywhere, you will need either public transportation, drive your own card, or friends can drive you around Seoul. Taxis are conveniently outside the hotel main lobby entrance and there is a bus stop down the hill.  To get there, you will have to do a short walk.

Next time I go there, I plan on a Junior Suite, or Presidential Suite stay.

Next stop, Glad Live Seoul Hotel!  Looking forward to it.


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