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Optimizing My Suwon Holiday Inn Express Stay

Suwon Holiday Inn Express is located in Suwon, the capital city of Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea.  With 249 rooms, the hotel is a major hotel in the city.

The hotel is located close to tourist attractions like Paldalmun Fort, Hwaseong Fortress, Gwanggyo Lake Park, Suwon Hwaseong Museum, Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, and Hwasemun gate. Entertainment malls are a short drive, taxi ride, or bus ride away.

The city has a friendly vibe, and I felt at home.  Rather than living in Seoul, I think living in Suwon city might be a better experience for me, because it offers the modern conveniences but less busy and hectic atmosphere of other big cities like Seoul.


Experience at Suwon Holiday Inn Express

I got to the hotel at 16:00 and checked in. I was on my way home but decided I wanted to visit Suwon.  I had a couple of days left before I went back to work and I was going home several days before my vacation ended.

The receptionist looked at my membership account and confirmed my Platinum Ambassador membership.  What did I get for being a Platinum Ambassador member?

1.  Complimentary access to their lounge. The lounge has premium wi-fi, coffee, tea, crackers, and beer.  It’s reserved for Gold members and above.
2.  Late checkout of 14:00 PM.


Suwon Holiday Inn Express Parking Area (6)


A short walking distance away is convenience stores, restaurants, Starbucks and even a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Across the street I saw a Korean Broadcasting Building (KBS) building across the street. The hotel management gave me a parking coupon that allowed me to park at the KBS parking lots. A car wash is located next to the hotel. How convenient!

Later in the evening I got hungry so I walked down the block and got me a Kim Chee dumpling soup. Korean foods are healthy and not fattening because most Korean dishes are made with vegetables, and spicy bean paste soups.

There was a convenience store very close to the restaurant, so I had to grab drinks and headed back to the hotel. From walking to the restaurant, eating at the restaurant, buying the items from the convenience store and walking back to the hotel took me less than 30 minutes.

One negative experience was the hotel’s wi-fi. Connection to the internet is by typing in your room and name in the IHG Connect website. I was connected to the IHG Connect wi-fi, but I couldn’t access the IHG Connect website. The redirection to IHG Connect website never happened and therefore unable to get the wi-fi access. I had to use my cellphone’s tethering feature and access the internet for the laptop.

For some reason, the wi-fi works perfectly on the first floor without the issues I experienced in my hotel room.


Suwon Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Buffet (1)


Breakfast is served on the first floor, located on the same level as the main lobby. Breakfast was the standard hotel servings of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, croissants, coffee, orange juice, apple juice, milk, salad.  Standard, but good.  Rice and kimchee were available.  It’s decent, healthy and unlimited portions, as much as you can eat.  Nothing to write home about though.  I give it a value of W15,000.


Suwon Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Buffet (2)
Suwon Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Buffet (3)

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Suwon Holiday Inn Express?

A queen-sized bedroom rate is $70 per night with tax and fees included.  Staying for 2 nights cost me $140.


Is The Suwon Holiday Inn Express Hotel Worth It?

For $70 a night, you get free breakfast, free somewhat working wi-fi, free access to their lounge, free access to the fitness gym, and a coin-operated laundromat.  I give the complimentary breakfast value of $15, so the room only cost me $50 a night.  The rest of the other amenities are standard throughout all the hotels, so I didn’t place any monetary value to them.

The wi-fi internet didn’t work for me, this is an amenity that should not have been a problem, but it was an issue for me.  The redirect to the hotel’s website should have been easy to do and automatic.

I got free 24-hour parking at the KBS parking lot, which is W60,000 per day!  The hotel would give me a coupon voucher to give to the parking attendant at the parking lot.  So, it was worth it for me.


Suwon Holiday Inn Express Hotel (6)

Suwon Holiday Inn Express Amenities

1.  Complimentary premium wi-fi in the room
2.  Coin operated laundromat
3.  Complimentary fitness gym
4.  Complimentary lounge for Gold members and above.
5.  Complimentary parking for my car.
6.  Complimentary breakfast
7.  Complimentary business center
8.  Complimentary water bottles (2) daily


Suwon Holiday Inn Express Hotel (7)

Final Thoughts

The hotel is an excellent value for your money.  Some Holiday Inn Express Hotels in Seoul cost over $210 for same day reservations.  The night before arriving to Suwon Holiday Inn Express, I reserved a room at the Suwon Holiday Inn Express for only $70!

Suwon city has a lot of cultural tourist attractions and a rich cultural traditional heritage.  I was impressed with the Hwaseum Gate, and Hwaseong Fortress.

I will have to come back for at least a 1-week visit and see all the tourist attractions.  If you planning on visiting Suwon city, I recommend a stay at the Suwon Holiday Inn Express.


About Suwon Holiday Inn Express

Suwon Holiday Inn Express (IHG)
116 Ingye-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
Check in: 15:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 Noon


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