Sad To Be Leaving Korea, But Flying KAL First Class Made Up For It!


I left Orakai Hotel in Incheon, hopped on a KAL bus with my carryon bag and luggage to Incheon International Airport.  It was my last day in South Korea.  I had visited a few attractions in Seoul and said goodbyes to my friends days ago.

I would be in the air that night, leaving South Korea and heading to San Francisco International Airport.  I didn’t want to go, but I had no other choice.  My job took me back to the United States.  But that meant it would be even better when I returned.

I flew back to San Francisco, California, on Korean Airlines First Class Kosmos Suite 2.0, the one with the privacy sliding doors! I paid cash for this seat because I didn’t have enough points at the time of the reservation, and I wanted to get a good night’s sleep on the airplane.  I bought the ticket from a discounted travel ticket agency, so don’t spam comment me.  I did not pay full price for the ticket.


Orakai Hotel in Incheon


As I rode on the KAL bus taking me to Incheon International Airport, I looked out the window, taking in the city and seeing the daily lives of the Korean people that appeared for a few seconds before they disappeared from view.

Young children were going to school; taxi drivers were taking their passengers to their destinations, college students on their way to class, and a few people walking their dogs.  People were going about their daily lives like me.  For me, I was riding a bus to Incheon Airport to take a flight back to the United States.

Incheon International Airport is the largest International Airport in Korea.  It’s construction started in 1996 and opened for business in 2001.  It has two terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 2.  It connects to mainland Korea via Yeongjong Bridge. The development construction continues to this day.


Outside Incheon International Airport Departure Terminal


The KAL bus stopped at the Korean Airlines departure terminal and I got off the bus. Korean Airlines has their own buses that follow a route from Incheon Airport to Seoul.  The bus stops at many different bus stops, including Orakai Hotel.  Taking my bags from underneath the bus baggage compartment, I walked into the terminal. The airport is vast, and it seemed even more prominent because I was lost.

I didn’t know where the Korean Airlines First Class check-in was. I asked around and found that it was on the other end of where I was.  I got my exercise on and walked there, determined and motivating myself that I could eat at the first-class lounge and on the airplane without guilt.


View Inside Incheon Airport Flight Check In Areas


I found the Korean Airlines first class check-in.  Korean Airlines has a dedicated area reserved for their first-class passengers to check-in.  The new check-in area is extensive, with seating and concierge luggage handling for first-class passengers.  The walls surrounding the area separates the lounge check-in area from the rest of the airport.  It seems private and spacious.  I didn’t need my Korean Airlines SKYPASS Select Visa Signature Card.

As soon as I walked through the doors, I was greeted by a check in attendant.  Once she verified my ticket, I was shown through the first-class baggage check-in lounge. There other KAL attendants took my bags, weighed them, and checked them in. During that time, a lounge attendant took my drink order of a glass of orange juice and nuts.  All this before passing through customs.

I was checked in and proceeded to the customs and security checkpoint, the last stop before walking into the airside of the airport.  I continued through customs without any issues and found myself looking around, getting my bearings and sense of direction.


KAL Premium Baggage Check In For First Class


I was looking for the Korean Airlines First Class Lounge.  I had heard great things about the place, and I was eager to get there.

I wasn’t interested in shopping at the duty-free airport stores, I wanted to sit in the lounge, eat and drink.  I found the elevator that took me to the second floor, because the KAL first-class lounge is on the second floor.


KAL First Class Lounge Entrance


After showing my KAL first-class boarding ticket, I went through the entrance doors of the KAL first-class lounge.  It was everything I expected of Korean Airlines.  I was impressed with the interior decoration and layout.  The food was excellent, and different drinks were plentiful.

I grabbed a private seating area, the seating that has walls to provide a sense of privacy. Leaving my carryon bag there, I went to the dining area and grabbed a plate of food and some drinks.  With 6 hours left before the flight, I intended to relax, eat, and watch some movies from my laptop.  Nothing beats a relaxing moment to calm me before the first-class plane ride ahead.


KAL First Class Privacy Lounge Areas


The time passed by and it was soon time to walk to Gate 267.  It was a sad moment for me because each passing minute meant I would be on the plane, leaving Korea.  As I walked to the gate, I began thinking about different things.  I visited a few stores and mainly spent the time filming my walk to gate 267.

I deliberately reached the gate with a few minutes to spare because I don’t like waiting in line to get on the plane.  Even when going first-class.  I passed through the boarding gate and began the walk to the aircraft.  As soon as I walked into the plane, I knew my time in Korea was almost over.

I showed my boarding pass and following the flight attendants directions to go left, I went to the front of the plane.  That is where the Kosmos Suites 2.0 is.  I found myself in the first-class cabin, the Kosmos Suites 2.0!  Was it everything I expected?




Yes, it was! The primary feature that I loved was the private sliding door.  Singapore Airlines First Suites and ANA Airlines Business Class “The Room” have the private sliding door as well.  I really loved the private sliding door in the Kosmos Suites 2.

I opened my complimentary amenity kit, packed both it, and the complimentary slippers inside my carryon bag and ordered a drink and nuts.  I was enjoying the full luxurious comfort of the Kosmos Suites 2.0 and ready for takeoff.

Everything about the Kosmos Suites 2.0, looked and felt clean and peaceful.  As soon as I sat down, I wanted to recline and go to sleep.  But I would miss the meals, so I decided that it wasn’t the right decision.

I looked around my first-class suite, taking in all the features of the suite.  I didn’t want the flight to end, because for me this flight was about the first-class experience inside the Kosmos Suites 2.0, and 11+ hours just didn’t seem enough.

The plane took off and proceeded to do a full turn, heading to San Francisco.  I didn’t want the flight to end.  I filmed the B777-300ER ICN to SFO takeoff, and as soon as we were airborne, I ordered my dinner.


KAL Kosmos Suites 2 Leg Room
KAL First Class Kosmos Suites 2 Before Takeoff
KAL Kosmos Suites 2 Entertainment Controller Compartment 2


The plane took off and proceeded to do a full turn, heading to San Francisco.  I didn’t want the flight to end. I filmed the B777-300ER ICN to SFO takeoff, and as soon as we were airborne, I ordered my dinner.

While waiting for the dinner to arrive, I looked at what movies were playing from the onboard entertainment movie selection. I decided on three (3) movies to watch throughout the flight to San Francisco, and give myself some time to take a comfortable nap, and eat breakfast.

It was at this moment that my dinner arrived.


KAL First Class Meal
KAL First Class On Board Soup Before Meal


Like I said before, “Once you go first-class, you can’t go back to economy class.”  I never knew what I was missing until I took my first first-class flight to Korea from the United States years ago.

Korean Airlines is the official airline for Korea.  If they keep upgrading the cabin experience in economy, business, and first-class, I see myself flying on KAL many times in the foreseeable future.  If Girls Generations SNSD girl members fly Korean Airlines, I can too.  Who knows, I might see one of them in the future, and if I do, I will post it and upload the video.  If not, I will get to visit their debut history when i go back to SMTown Museum.

Below is the video review of my trip back to the United States on Korean Airlines B777-300ER Kosmos Suites 2.0.



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