The Seoul Auto Salon 2018 began July 19, 2018, with around 150,000 spectators expected to attend the event.  Booths for new vehicles and automotive technology from South Korea and various other nations such as Japan were on display.

The Seoul Auto Salon (International Motor Show and Auto Service Exhibition) is a 4-day event that is held every year at the COEX Korea Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea.  The event in 2018 was held from July 19 to July 22, attracting thousands of visitors each day.  Since its opening, one million plus visitors have visited the Auto Show at the COEX Convention Center Expo.


Getting to Seoul Auto Salon 2018 By SRT Train


I live one hour from Seoul, and decided to take the SRT Train to the Seoul Auto Salon being held at COEX Mall.  It cost the same to drive or ride the train.  It was more convenient to drive my car to the SRT train station near my home.  I left the car at the parking lot and I would return back for it later and drive home.


Getting to Seoul Auto Salon 2018 By SRT Train


I bought a SRT train ticket at the Train Station, and waited for the train.  I missed the first train but boarded the next train. On my way to Seoul!


Getting to Seoul Auto Salon 2018 By SRT Train


This year’s expo in 2018 had Korean celebrities unveil their customized cars equipped with their tuning products.  I didn’t know which car belonged to whom because it wasn’t advertised.  It makes sense, if you know who the car belongs to then celebrity fans can track the celebrity.

Various aftermarket products and services were installed at the booths showing auto accessories, gadgets, car care goods, interior products, exterior products, and other products.  Also, there were professional tuning shops showing their skills.




Seoul Auto Salon represents the largest and most comprehensive auto aftermarket exhibition in Korea.  The sheer amount of participants inside the third floor building is mind boggling!  The Seoul Motor Show was established to support the passions of auto tuners and their desire for business opportunities.

Visitors can experience the current trends and see what opportunities there is in the car tuning industry.  Participants came from within Korea and various other countries like Japan, Germany, and the United States. Annual participation is usually in the amount of 100 domestic and foreign companies, with about 900 booths installed at the Korean Auto Show.  The number of stalls generally fluctuates each year.  You can see that statistic at the end of the post.

The Seoul Auto Salon organizers said hundreds of booths have been on the 18,358 meters of space inside the 3rd floor at COEX by participating companies, individuals, and enthusiasts.

A source within the Seoul Auto Salon organizers have said that the vision of the Show is to satisfy the increasing interest in the tuning industry by showcasing the trends in Korea’s domestic aftermarket and the opportunities that will only make the industry grow.

Hands-on views of various auto tuning parts for vehicle customizations were displayed.  Also, car care products, interior accessories, exterior accessories and auto electronics were on display at the booths.




The very first Seoul Auto Salon Expo opened in 2003, and each year has been a successful event, luring businesses and people internationally as well as local citizens, businesses, and enthusiasts.

This is one of South Korea’s biggest auto aftermarket expo where visitors can see the latest trends of auto-tuning.  The sister auto expo would be the Busan International Motor Show, also an annual Expo.

The show is a well-established auto-tuning and aftermarket products event, bringing in over 150,000 visitors each year.  The Expo show is supported by Korean celebrities who bring in their cars for display at the annual event.

This expected growth of the tuning market truly means that the Seoul Auto Salon is one of the major ways in Korea to bring awareness to the car tuning enthusiasts, and motivate individuals to become car tuners.  Seoul Auto Salon is definitely in the right place and time to bring auto aftermarket trends and motor tuning information.

The sectors of the automotive industry that have participated at the Seoul Auto Salon 2018 are auto-tuning techniques, auto care, auto life, auto tuning parts, tire, wheel, suspension, brake, disc, battery, muffler, seat, ECU, engine oil, wax, lubricants, chemical cleaner, window film, ppf film, coatings, tire, and auto electronics.

Seoul Auto Salon, the country’s forefront auto show highlighting aftermarket and car tuning, wrapped up its final day on 22nd July 2018.  The next event is scheduled for 2019. Many people, including me, can’t wait.




Let’s not forget one of the most essential elements of the Seoul Auto Salon, the beautiful Korean car models!  The Seoul Auto Salon 2018 female models were just beautiful, and a few were stunning!  I saw them models posed next to foreign exotic cars, like the Lamborghini.  I wish I had one, the Lamborghini.




If you want to see more of these beautiful girls, then check out the Seoul Auto Salon 2018 Korean car female models videos at the Seoul of Korea official youtube channel.

This year there were new technologies on display from Korean and foreign automakers, and cars from some of Korea’s best-known celebrities.  There was also an “experience corner” for visitors to get behind the wheel, a mechanics’ competition, Racing Girl contests and car tuning contests for enthusiasts.  For me the highlight were the stunning Korean female car models!




Expect the same and much more for Seoul Auto Salon 2019!  There will be newer technologies on display, Korean celebrity cars displayed and let’s also spread the word: Korean female car models will be there.  The show would be just a bit dull without them!  See you in 2019!






Take Line 1 to Noryangjin Station and transfer to Line 9 then get off at Bongeunsa Station.  When you get to the Bongeunsa Station go to Exit 7.   You will see the ASEM Plaza and Starbucks.  When you look at the Starbucks, take a left turn and walk until you see the shop Luggage & Bag.  After that make a right corner and walk through the hallway, then you will find the Hall C on your right-hand side.

Line 2 Samseong Stn. Exit 6

Take 472 Bus to Sinsa Middle School and transfer to 4318 Bus.  Then get off at Trade Center Bus Stop.  When you get off from the bus, you have a take a little walk to get to Hall C.  You have to walk back a little from where you get off.  Go to the Entrance where the front of ABC Mart Grand Stage is and then take a left turn.  When you see the Giordano, make a right corner and go through the hallway which is in front of the Shop Luggage & Bag.  Go straight down the hallway then you will find Hall C on your left-hand side.

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