The tables at the bottom are the long range weather forecasts in South Korea for the year. They are predicted average temperatures to be expected.

(Source: Korean Meteorological Administration)


Four Seasons of South Korea


South Korea has all four seasons of weather, from spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Spring and autumn are a short but very pleasant weather.  Typhoons can occur in summer and early autumn. Summer can be very hot and winter is very cold.

Spring is from mid-March to May. It is during these months that the temperatures start to warm producing a cool period.

Summer is from June to August. It is hot, sometimes humid and rainy during this period of time.  Rainfalls are very heavy during these months and monsoons occur.

Autumn is a pleasant time of the year in South Korea, from September to late November.  Lots of bloom festivals occur during this time.  You can check out the beautiful stunning autumn colors of the plants in the national parks or blossom festivals before winter comes.

Winter starts from late November and ends mid-March.  Up north and towards the interior it is freezing while its a bit milder along the southern coast of South Korea.  Winter is colder on the west coast than on the east coast.  In Seoul, the average temperature in January can be -2.5 degrees Celsius (27.5 degrees Fahrenheit).  Southern cities like Busan’s average temperature in January can be 3 degrees Celsius (37.5 degrees Fahrenheit).  Even further South of Busan is Jeju Island, where the temperature will be even warmer.

Snowfalls are not very heavy in South Korea as compared to the United States, it is short and rare in between.  Seoul averages 26 days of snowfall each year.  However, in the north-east in the region called Gangwon-do, snowfalls are heavy.  This is where the most ski-lifts can be found.  The least amount of snowfall area is in the south-east coast of South Korea due to the higher temperatures.


Best Time To Visit South Korea


I would shamelessly say, Anytime and any season is the best time to visit South Korea!  I won’t lose any face by saying it.

However, If you want comfortable weather, consider visiting South Korea during spring (May) and autumn (October).  It is considerably less rainy and outside the so called yellow dust season.  For those that like winter, visit during the winter.  There are plenty of things to do during all four seasons in South Korea.



3 Month Temperature Charts of South Korea


The tables below shows 3 month daytime and nighttime temperatures for the cities listed.

(Source: Korean Meteorological Administration)


3 Month Weather Forecast


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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Spring Festival