Events in South Korea That Happen During These Four Seasons Each Year


Korean Festivals (Hangul: 한국전통축제, Hanja: 韓國傳統祝祭) are traditional events that is continued and practiced by the Korean people.  There are national and local festivals, which are based largely on South Korea’s agricultural roots and culture dating back many years.  The two biggest festivals are “Seollal, Lunar New Year’s Day” and “Chuseok, Harvest Festival”

The festivals are organized and celebrated using the lunar calendar.  The belief is that the four annual seasons brought abundant harvesting, resting, and sowing of the seeds to begin again the cycle each year.

Unfortunately, this did not happen each year, some years brought little or no harvest.  Thus the Koreans developed semi-religious events and festivals where prayers were introduced to bring a good harvest that year.  This later developed into the celebrations, events and festivals that Koreans still observe today.

The Seollal is one of the most important days, a traditional festival dating back hundreds of years.  It is celebrated by eating tteokguk, a rice mixed dumpling shaped as a wide spaghetti.  Koreans also eat it on their birthday to signify they are one year older.

During this festival, the younger children of the family bow before the elder’s of the family. Called the Sebae (New Year’s Bow), the junior family members receive money from the elder’s during this day.  You can see why it is extremely popular with the juniors in South Korea.  Currently, still my favorite time of the year along with my birthday and christmas.

Chuseok is celebrated on the eighth lunar month (August) with thanksgiving services being held by offering the newly harvested crops to the ancestral spirits.  Though not widely practiced in modern South Korea, it is still considered an important day of each year.

Since it is a national public holiday, many South Koreans take time off and celebrate Chuseok.  You can see that it is one of the busiest days of the year.  There is an old saying, “Not more, not less.  Just be like Hangawi (‘Hangawi’ being another word for Chuseok).”

The Annual Events listed below is a partial list.


Summer Mud Festival Korea


Spring Events in South Korea


• Ansan Street Arts Festival
• Daedeokje
• Daegu Marathon
• Daegu Yangnyeongsi Festival
• Dongseongno Festival
• Jeonju International Film Festival
• Korea Open (gold)
• Maekyung Open
• Parent’s Day
• Preview in Daegu
• Seoul International Marathon
• Seoul International Women’s Film Festival
• Seoul Motor Show
• Sikmogil
• SK Telecom Open
• Tongyeong International Music Festival
• Wando Seaweeds Expo
Summer Events in South Korea
• Boryeong Mud Festival
• Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
• Busan Rock Festival
• Chilseok
• Constitution Day (South Korea)
• Daegu Chimac Festival
• Daegu Queer Culture Festival
• Descente Korea Munsingwear Matchplay
• DMZ Peace Train Music Festival
• Dongducheon Rock Festival
• Music in PyeongChang
• International Music & Film Festival
• Jisan Valley Rock Festival
• KPGA Championship
• Memorial Day (South Korea)
• Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival
• National Liberation Day of Korea
• Pentaport Rock Festival
• Supersonic Festival (Seoul)
• Tour de Korea
• Ultra Korea


Autumn Events in South Korea


• Armed Forces Day (South Korea)
• Asia Song Festival
• Bongsan Art Fair
• Busan International Film Festival
• Busan International Fireworks Festival
• Chuncheon Marathon
• Chuncheon Puppet Festival
• Chuseok
• Daegu International Opera Festival
• DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
• G-Star
• Gaecheonjeol
• Gyeongju International Marathon
• Hangul Day
• Itaewon Global Village Festival
• Jarasum International Jazz Festival
• Jeonju International Sori Festival
• JTBC Seoul Marathon
• Korean National Sports Festival
• LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship
• Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival
• Seorak Cultural Festival
• Seoul Jazz Festival
• Seoul Lantern Festival
• Shinhan Donghae Open
• Songdo IBD Championship
• Ssamzi Sound Festival
• Veterans Day (South Korea)


Winter Events in South Korea


• Daeboreum
• Dongzhi Festival
• Korean New Year
• MBC Gayo Daejejeon
• Seoul Independent Film Festival


Gangnam KStar Road Korea


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