South Korea Has One Of The Fastest Broadband Internet In The World.  One of the Fastest and Getting Even Faster.


South Korea has one of the fastest broadband internets on the planet, seriously.  Both wireless and cable speed are already fast, but for SK Broadband, South Korea’s internet provider, it wasn’t fast enough.

In 2018, they announced that their internet would be running at 2.5 gigabits per second throughout the country.  As if that wasn’t fast enough, the company said by the end of 2018; the internet would be available at 5 and 10 Gbps.

WOW! That decisively beats Singapore’s 60.39 megabits per second internet speed and beats France’s 24.23 megabits per second.


What Does That Mean For You and I?

If you’re visiting South Korea or living here, it means alot. No lags, video streaming just got even better, and more.

South Korea’s internet speed is insanely fast.  I have no issues with internet speed.  It’s fast and reliable.  There are so many ways to get internet access in South Korea.
The rates and types of services change due to the developments in the industry.  Here are the most common types of internet access available to you in South Korea.




What Are Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hotspots And Where Is It Available?


There are both free and paid wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspots available throughout South Korea that you can access through your laptop, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

These hotspots can be found at Incheon and Gimpo airport, train stations, convenience stores, coffee cafes, restaurants, malls, and tourist spots.

• Free Wi-Fi Hotspots
Thanks to South Korean businesses and government, these public Wi-Fi networks are available for free to tourists and Korean citizens alike.  These are available at international airports, local airports, railway stations, subway stations, coffee cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, tourist attractions, malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, etc.

Free Wi-Fi access is easy to access, type in the password they provide you.  If you don’t know the password, ask a person at that location, and they will gladly give you the password.

• Paid Wi-Fi Hotspots
You pay for a Wi-Fi access


What Are Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi routers (also called personal hotspots, pocket Wi-Fi, personal Wi-Fi, etc.) are small, battery-powered devices that access the cellular phone network to create a local wireless network.

It’s easy to set one up, and it provides a fast, satisfying Wi-Fi internet network. It works anywhere you can get cellphone service, and multiple devices can connect at once.





Is SIM Cards Worth The Money?


If you bring a cellphone from your home country, you may be able to buy a SIM card in South Korea and use that phone.  There are several plans available, and most people choose to buy a SIM card with a internet data plan at the Incheon and Gimpo airport because of convenience.

That may be cheaper, convenient and easier if you only plan on visiting for several weeks and then leaving the country.  Your phone must be unlocked to use the SIM card Just ask the SIM card vendor and they will examine your phone and let you know.


Sim Card Korean Flag


Should You Use International Roaming?

Unless you know that international roaming is supported by your cellular provider back home, I wouldn’t recommend you trying to use that.

It seemed very confusing to find out if the cellphone that I brought from home may or may not work in South Korea.  I chose the easier way.  I bought a SIM card.


What are Internet Cafes?

Internet cafes in South Korea, also known as PC Bangs, are a unique business that seems to be thriving successfully.  You will find a PC Bang very quickly in any neighborhood in South Korea, the billboard or window signs will let you know.

The PC Bangs offer internet access on their gaming PCs, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.  You don’t need to bring your laptop.
Very inexpensive, I’ve found myself spending 4 – 6 hours at the PC Bang playing video games and browsing the internet, mostly playing video games.

These internet cafes (PC Bangs) even sell snacks and drinks, and some offer foods.  Or, you can order from an outside restaurant, and they will deliver it to your seat.  Pretty cool, huh?


Free wifi at cafe


Are Internet Access in South Korea’s Hotels Fast?

Most, if not all of the hotels in South Korea provide you with free, fast Wi-Fi internet in their hotel rooms.  I’ve been to many different hotels, and they all offered free blazing fast Wi-Fi internet access.

Some hotels will provide LAN ports as well, but I’ve found it only once. But that hasn’t stopped me from bringing a LAN cable in my travel bag; I always carry one.

Internet access is available in the lobby and most public parts of the hotel like their restaurants and lounges will have public wi-fi access.

Many booking sites, hotel reservation sites in South Korea will have details about the hotels internet availability listed on the web page.


Is There Internet Access In Public Subways and Rail Systems?

I’ve ridden on the public metro subways in Seoul and was surprised to have cellular phone internet access while in Seoul’s subway tunnels.  It’s surprising because, a lot of Seoul’s subway stations are built underground, two or more levels underground.

I’ve used my cell phones internet access to watch movies and youtube videos while waiting for the train.  The trains have Wi-Fi relays that brings the cellular signal to your phone.

You will have internet access in South Korea’s public subways and rail systems. So watch Psy’s “Gangnam Style!”




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