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The Lotte World Aquarium is part of Lotte’s second Lotte World recreational mega complex located in Songpa-gu, south of Seoul.  It is known as the “Underwater Family Park in Seoul City.”  Its a little bit of the ocean brought into the growing urban city of Seoul, South Korea.

You can get to Lotte World Aquarium (Lotte World Mall Aquarium) by taking the train and getting off at Jamsil station (Line 2) in Seoul Korea.  The Jamsil station (Line 2) pedestrian tunnels will take you directly to Lotte World Mall.

Lotte World Aquarium is located on the basements first and second floor (B1F, B2F), inside Lotte World Mall and Lotte World Tower, which is near Lotte World.  Lotte World Mall is located centrally in Seoul, South Korea.

Two airports are near it, Incheon International Airport (ICN) and Gimpo Airport (GMP).  Gimpo airport is closer to Seoul and Incheon airport is only a little farther away.  Both of the airports are near Seoul, this means you can go visit Lotte World Aquarium as soon as you get off the airplane.  Jet Lag and all that!

Special combo packages are available for purchase, you get one full day access to both Lotte World Aquarium and Lotte World Theme Park for one lower price, over both tickets being purchased separately.


Lotte World Aquarium Ticketing Entrance


When you first enter the aquarium, visitors will start exploring the various themed zones and learn about marine life.  The intent was to show the beauty and importance of the ocean ecosystem to the public.

The discovery becomes educational, and the revolutionary audio guided installed system will guide you through the themed zones.

The aquarium seems to have been vented to place a considerable amount of effort on education and first-hand experiences for all visitors, but mainly for the younger future generations.  That explains the attention to detail and fantastic displays.

Rivers of Korea allows you to see freshwater fish found in Korea’s rivers, lakes, and streams.  The Korean Rosy Bitterling and the Golden Mandarin Fish are two examples


Lotte World Aquarium Fishes


The Lotte World Aquarium is an 11,240-square-meter venue, and with a combined water tank capacity of 5,200-tons, it is undoubtedly the largest aquarium in South Korea along with COEX Aquarium.

Lotte World Aquarium has Korea’s largest 25-meter wide water tank sea life habitation facility.  It is both Seoul’s most significant and newest aquarium, centrally located in the Songpa-gu neighborhood, which is in the southern part of Seoul, the Capital of South Korea.

Lotte World Aquarium provides quality indoor educational fun and amusement for everyone, from children and adults alike. Tourists and Visitors also.  It is on the way to Lotte World Amusement Park, and during the summer months it is a cool place to visit, all puns intended.

Lotte World Aquarium gives the public a close eye view of over an impressive 55,000 marine creatures from 650 species, and scuba divers can be seen in the tanks at various times throughout the day. They are doing their scuba stuff, I guess.


Lotte World Aquarium Diver and Fishes


The Lotte World Aquarium has 13 zones containing sea life creatures from the 5 major oceans, built to give insight to “another world that you cannot experience anywhere else.” Perhaps the video game, “Subnautica,” may differ.  The zones have different built themes.  Awaiting in those zones are cute otters, waddling cute penguins, colorful fish, dancing cuddly seals and other marine creatures that are there.


Lotte World Aquarium Penguins 2


The Ocean Tunnel is a long transparent tunnel that appears to be made of plexiglass.  It is a long 85 meter (279 feet) long tunnel, allowing you to get an excellent close-up look at the Cownose Rays that swim (dance) by and Beluga whales if you can spot them.

I would consider the Ocean Tunnel the main attraction of Lotte Worlds Aquarium.  Now only if they would put a restaurant or cafe in this tunnel!  The moonroof would be the tunnel, and it would be fun watching the sea life swim by as I watch TV!


Lotte World Aquarium Tunnel


The children’s zone has an interactive exhibit where you can bottle feed the small fish there for a small fee.

Children can crawl through a water tank and spend about 1 hour touching the various sea creatures.

You can watch the Beluga whale show, or feed the small fish with fish food sold from a dispenser machine for 1,000 Korean Won.


Lotte World Aquarium Beluga Whale


Programs like the Jellyfish Club allow visitors to look at different types of jellyfish through microscopes; and the Junior Doctor, where you can learn about the differences between fish and whales.  Various other science experiments can be observed from there as well.

I saw the Giant Crabs at Lotte World Aquarium and thought these crabs were lucky to enjoy a privileged and pampered life while their smaller sized cousins were being forked into someone’s mouth at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market daily.


Lotte World Aquarium Huge Crab


The Lotte World Aquarium offers the unique aquarium experience.  There are the Alive Museum and a fresh, modern state of the art 4D Theater you can visit.

Lotte World Aquarium’s slogan is “Communication between people and the ocean.”  You, friends, family and kids will have a fun and educational trip.  An experience you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else in Korea.

You will see Korean rivers, tropical rivers, Amazon River, coral reef garden, ocean tunnel, polar regions as well as the many sea lives like sea lions, jellyfish, sardines, crabs, and sea horses.


Lotte World Aquarium Sea Horse


After visiting Lotte World Aquarium, I realized that I could easily spend the entire morning and afternoon there, and eat there without leaving the aquarium.

A trip to Lotte World Aquarium will be an excellent experience for visitors of all ages.  It should be one of the places to visit in South Korea.

Enjoy the breathtaking experience of the marine life, and its ecosystem built and placed under the Lotte World Mall, visit the Lotte World Aquarium.  This is a non-sponsored review, but an honest review from someone that has visited the place.


Lotte World Aquarium Funny Fish 2


General Information About The Aquarium

Aquarium visitors are eligible for a 50% discount when parking for 3 hours.
Get to Lotte World Aquarium by going to 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea, B.
Lotte World Aquarium opens from 10am to 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 10pm on weekends.



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