Visiting Lotte World Tower and Got An Iced Caramel Macchiato!  I decided to visit Lotte World Tower because I have never been to the Tower, too busy with work and life. Luckily, I had time this weekend and made a plan to go.  I live about 40 miles away from Seoul, so driving is an option.  It was easier to drive there because I would be using an android navigation application.  I woke up and left the house at 0700 AM and proceeded to drive to Seoul.  I had a lot of catching up to do because I had missed the Tower’s official opening and fireworks show, which I heard was spectacular.

I haven’t been to Lotte World Tower, so I wanted to get there early and look around before the crowd showed.  This was a right decision, because I saw the length of the first floor of Lotte World Mall without getting distracted from the hum and bustle of the tourists, shoppers, and entertainment seekers.  It’s a city block in length. No exaggeration.


Lotte World Tower First Floor 5


It was chilly this early in the morning, but I knew it would get hot and humid within the hour, that’s why I left early.  It gets hot and humid in July.

To get there, I could use three modes of transportation; bus, train or my car. I decided on my car because it seemed the simplest and less hassle.  I typed in the destination into my Samsung Note 8 phone’s navigation application, it gave me directions.  I drove in my Chevrolet Camaro 2010 2SS.  There are not many Chevrolet Camaro cars in Korea, I only saw one, and it was mine.  Talk about standing out.

I made good time to Lotte World Tower using a Korean navigation android app that I found at the Google Play store.  I typed in Lotte World Tower, it showed the best route there.  Who was I to question?  I pressed “GO,” and I proceeded on the way.

I left my place of residence and the android application sent me along the main highway to Seoul.  The speed limit is 100 Kilometers which equates to 60 miles per hour.

My car is the first Chevrolet Camaro model that came out in 2010 in conjunction with the first “Transformers” movie.  My car is also rally yellow color, which everyone remembers as “Bumble Bee” in the movie.  I didn’t buy the Transformers Edition from the car dealer because I didn’t want to pay thousands more in cash for a rally stripe on the hood and two Autobot metal emblems.

Instead, I purchased two Autobot emblems from Amazon and put them on each side of the car, and it became a Transformers Edition!  I saved a couple thousand dollars and every kid in Korea points at my car thinking it is “Bumble Bee.”


My Car at Lotte World Tower 2


I don’t think Korean drivers know how to read numbers because they were driving way past 60 miles per hour.  Little KIA 4 cylinder cars would speed past me as if they were on a race track.  I was tempted to play their “race track” game, but I didn’t want to get a speeding ticket.  Plus, I would be using way more gas just to play a little “race track” game. But there was another reason why.

If you don’t know, Korea has something called a “speed trap.”  It’s an area on the highway that has a speed monitoring system.  If you go past the speed limit, there is a camera that takes a picture of your car as well as the license plate.  Don’t be surprised if you get a ticket fine delivered to your home, courtesy of the Korean post office.

I was feeling good that morning, it was a beautiful day and it was a smooth ride on the highway.  Additionally, I had the feeling people were looking at my car as they drove by or as I drove by.  If you don’t know, Korea doesn’t sell many Chevrolet Camaros because it’s a gas hog.  Plus they have to pay additional taxes on the car, so it isn’t economical versus a KIA 4 cylinder that can get 30+ miles per gallon.

Those KIA’s are really impressive in regards to gas mileage, and I enjoyed driving a rental KIA.  Each week the gas receipt was less than $20.  I drove it everyday.  Not with my Camaro.  My car eats up gas like a whale inhaling water to get plankton.  I highly recommend getting a Kia, best gas economy car I’ve driven.

Chevrolet Camaros is an uncommon sight in Korea.  Driving to Seoul in the morning and driving back home late in the afternoon, I didn’t see any Chevrolet Camaros on the road and in the city.  Except for mine.

My car is bright yellow, almost all the kids in Korea have been brainwashed to think of “Bumble Bee” when they see a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro.  I didn’t mind it.  The little kids were getting a kick seeing my car.

I got to Seoul around 0830 AM, and began to eye the navigation map more frequently because the traffic in the city was getting busy.  I didn’t want to make a wrong turn and get lost.

I didn’t need to be concerned because I saw the Lotte World Tower on the highway, miles before I got there.  As soon as I saw it, I became excited and began imagining what it might look like inside.


Day at Lotte World Tower Mall, Seoul Korea


The weather was cloudy, and clouds were gathered around the tower.  It made the tower look like it was high above the clouds.

I took the exit off the highway and drove into the city.  I began to feel “eyes” looking at my car.  Unperturbed, I proceeded to the Tower with the help of the navigation app.

I saw the Tower from the streets, so I knew I couldn’t get if I went in the general direction to the Tower.  But, it was becoming challenging because I had to navigate through the busy streets.

That would have been less problematic had I took the most direct path to Lotte World Tower, straight through the buildings and parks that were in my way.  But I didn’t want to play Grand Theft Auto V and make a scene by driving through buildings and parks.  I proceeded navigating through the streets with the help of the navigation app.

I finally got to the city block where it was located.  At first glance, it didn’t seem that tall.  But I knew that Lotte World Tower was the 5th highest tower in the world because they have the Guinness Book of World Records Certificate plaque to prove it.


Day at Lotte World Tower Mall, Seoul Korea


I arrived at the car parking entrance and proceeded to go below ground.  I drove to the underground parking area and parked the car.  I got out and decided to take some pictures of my car and myself before going in.

The stores, cinema, mall, Seoul Sky (Seoul Sky Video Here) and everything else there would open at 10 AM, and here I was at 0845 AM.  I had time before the mass of eager Korean citizens and foreigners would arrive and start buying all the food that I wanted to eat.

I proceeded through the Lotte World Mall underground entrance doors that connected the underground parking area to Lotte World Mall and Lotte World Tower.  I began my walk through the Mall for the very first time.


Lotte World Tower Entrance From Parking Lot


I was inside the Lotte World Mall (Lotte World Mall Video Here), and it is a vast place.  Stores and stores everywhere on the first few floors.  I found myself walking out of one of the doors of Lotte World Mall and was in the train station? Huh?

South Korea has one of the best public mass transit train systems because they connect to a lot of places that typically would be difficult or expensive to get to.  Jamsil train station connects to Lotte World Tower.


Train Transit Next to Lotte World Tower


Since I was there, I walked around the underground train station.  The business area in the underground was open and I discovered many food stalls and stores.  I got hungry because of the walking I did that morning and I bought myself some Korean breakfast.  Finishing the meal, I started walking back to Lotte World Tower.

On the way back, I saw a cafe and purchased an iced Caramel Macchiato.  Nothing like a refreshing iced Caramel Macchiato in the hot, humid Korean weather in July.  I was on my way back to Lotte World Tower, to see Seoul Sky and the rest of what the tallest building in Seoul had to offer.  I was also caffeine stimulated so my walking was brisk.


Train Transit Next to Lotte World Tower 5


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