Lotte World Tower towers above Korea, visible to everyone on cloudy and sunny days.  The Lotte World Tower in Seoul is 554.5 meters in height (1,819 ft) and has 123 floors. Lotte World Tower is strategically located at 300 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 6 (yuk)-dong, Seoul South Korea, near the Han River.  The 1988 Olympics was hosted in Seoul.

The Lotte World Tower is the centerpiece in Seoul, South Korea attracting thousands of Korean citizens, foreigners, and tourists.  The second Lotte World amusement park is on 21.6 acres (26,500 pyeong) of land in Songpa District.  The tower is directly connected to Seokchon Lake and Lotte World Adventure, one of the world’s largest indoor theme park.


Overhead View of Lotte Park and Hotel


The 10-story Lotte World Mall was open since 2014, 3 years before Lotte World Tower’s opening, and more than 28 million people per year were offered retail and entertainment inside.  That is a a smart way to get people to anticipate the Tower’s opening.

It’s not hard to predict that South Korea’s Lotte World Tower is a destination attraction for tourists as it has a few world record-breaking achievements to declare and massive amounts of creativity and thought that went into building it.  It’s well connected to mass transit, strategically located in Seoul, offers spectacular views, and has Lotte World Mall connected to it.


Seoul Sky Guiness Record Wall


For additional publicity, 1500 vertical runners and Korean citizens were invited to run up to the 123rd floor from the Arena Square located on the bottom floor.

The Lotte Tower opened to the public on April 3, 2017, with an official inauguration held on April 2, 2017.  It is on the list of the world’s 10 tallest buildings, and it took eight years to construct.  Lotte Group, the South Korean mega-retail giant, celebrated the grand opening with fireworks.


Lotte World Tower Fireworks 6


The Lotte World Tower is the vision of Mr. Shin (92 years old) and his son, Shin Dong-bin (60 years old) to create a national cultural asset for Korea from Lotte Group, the 87,000 square meter skyscraper complex built in southern Seoul.

The Lotte World Tower contains retail stores on floors 1-12, business offices on floors 14-38, residences on floors 42-71, a six-star plus luxury hotel named the Signiel Seoul on floors 76-101, private offices on floors 105-114, and public floors on floors 117-123 which holds the famous Seoul Sky.

Lotte World Tower is the world’s fifth tallest building, with Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Shanghai Tower, Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudia Arabia and China’s Ping An International Finance Centre being taller.  The building pushes out Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur (452 meters) and Taipei 101 (508 meters).  This puts South Korea on the list for one of the top 10 architectural building achievements.  It’s higher than the Asia Trade Tower, which is 305 meters high located in Incheon.


Lotte World Tower Comparison
Lotte World Tower Comparisons


Did you know that it took Lotte Group 15 years to get a building permit, and only after they agreed to pay for the significant costs of changing the military air runway located south of Seoul?  The finished Lotte World Tower would have been in the way of fighter jets landing and taking off from the runway.

The design of Lotte World Tower can be credited to the architect company, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and the principal designer, James von Klemperer.  They also helped design the famous Dongbu Financial Center.

The sleek modern design is inspired from the Korean traditional ceramics and calligraphy brush strokes and stands out from the mountainous terrain.

It has one of the best luxury hotels in Asia, reported by a US travel magazine.  Signiel Seoul hotel is located on floors 76-101 and offers a spectacular breathtaking panoramic view of Seoul in all its 235 rooms.  So pick one, and you are guaranteed to get an excellent view of Seoul!  You won’t even have to leave the hotel, bring your camera and take pictures from your room!

Did you know there is a swimming pool on the 85th floor of Lotte World Tower making it the world’s highest swimming pool in a building?


Lotte World Tower Pool
Signiel Hotel Room View


The world’s fastest double-decker elevator can take you to the top of the 123 story tower and to the top of Seoul Sky in a single minute.  It’s been declared the quickest lift according to Bloomberg.  The elevator is called the Sky Shuttle, and it’s the fastest double-decker elevator.  It takes you from the basement to the 121st floor, where the observation deck is located, within one minute.


Seoul Sky Gate Entrance


Seoul Sky can be found on floors 117-123 of Lotte World Tower.  It has the world’s highest observation deck, Seoul Sky.  It is the world’s highest glass-bottomed observation deck built in a skyscraper building.  A facial recognition system was installed by NEC Corporation to Seoul Sky.  Why did I mention this? I thought it was cool.


Seoul Sky Observatory Glass Floor


A massive Samsung 34-foot screen with an actual 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels can be found at Lotte Cinema World Tower theater in Seoul, South Korea.  Samsung has placed its very first cinema-sized LED screen there. Check it out!


Lotte World Mall


Cafes, art gallery, tallest indoor swimming pool, the first six-star luxurious hotel called Signiel Seoul, Lotte World Mall, business offices, residences, movie cinema, concert hall, and one of the best indoor aquarium, calls Lotte World Tower its home.

It is important to mention that it has Indoor Adventure, the world’s largest indoor theme park.  There is the Magic Island, an outdoor theme park, Korean Folk Museum and sports facilities.

Lotte World Tower is a famous attraction for local Koreans and tourists because it is an excellent place for families and people wanting entertainment without going to different parts of the city.

Everything you need for your entertainment fun factor is inside, around and below the Tower.  In regards to entertainment needs, Lotte World Tower has it all.  You can spend the entire time inside and around the Tower and never have to leave to go outside for anything.

If you are deciding between Namsan Seoul Tower, Building 63, COEX Mall or Lotte World Tower, I recommend visiting Lotte World Tower first.  The view is spectacular on its glass-floored observatory.  Check out the Lotte World Tower Hotel and remember to bring a camera.


Lotte World Tower Distance Shot


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