A Visit Back To Seoul Tower


During my many visits to Seoul, Korea, I, Gyopo Tacticool Reloaded Oppa, realized that there was one place I had to visit in Seoul: that was Namsan Seoul Tower.  N Seoul Tower is an iconic landmark structure built in Seoul on top of Namsan Mountain.  You have to visit this place at least once.

I was on a one week vacation and feeling the need to be a tourist, visiting N Seoul Tower was on my mind.

So, I made reservations at one of my favorite hotels in Seoul, The Grand Hilton Seoul, and scheduled one day for visiting N Seoul Tower. This time, I stayed at a Junior Suite.

If I had had more time, I should have visited the N Seoul Tower for several days and gotten a complete experience of N Seoul Tower.  But, having only one day to visit Seoul Tower and an itinerary to follow, I tried to do as much as I could.

I drove to the hotel, checked in, and the next day was heading up to N Seoul Tower.

Luckily, Waze was installed on my Samsung Note 8 because I was lost getting there.  I typed in Seoul Tower Cable Car, and “KPOP BAM BOOM”, I got directions.  I was on my way.

I parked at the base of Namsan Mountain, near the Cable Car Station that takes visitors up to N Seoul Tower.


My Car Fire Wall On The Streets of Seoul
Business Near Seoul Tower
Street Next To Seoul Tower Walk Trail


You can’t get to the top of N Seoul Tower by driving your car or riding a taxi; it’s not allowed.  The only way is to walk, ride on the bus or cable car.


Bus Station At The Top Of Hill Near Seoul Tower


The best choice I made was to hike up to Namsan Seoul Tower.  Having ridden on the cable car before, I didn’t take the cable car and decided to walk up the mountain.  Either choice is a great choice, each offering a different experience.

I walked up to the mountain to N Seoul Tower and walked around for several hours, video recording as much as I could.  The recording was “on the move,” with little time to spare.  I decided I would record everything I did there and relive the moment by editing the video to watch later.


Seoul Tower Cable Car Going To Seoul Tower
Seoul Tower Walking Trail Sign 2


I’ve visited the N Seoul Tower many times there, by myself and getting a tour guide.  Both ways have its good points.

It was over.  My time at Seoul Tower was over, and it was time to head back.

With a little bit of sadness, I started to walk back down Namsan mountain on a different route.


Seoul Tower Walking Trail 3


While walking back down Namsan mountain to my car parked near the cable car station, I had to turn around a couple of times to see the lovely view of Seoul Tower.


View of Cable Car Seoul Tower


My last visit to Seoul Tower, I only had a few months left before I would go back to the United States.

I enjoyed visiting this Seoul Tower not only because of the great 360 views of Seoul but also because walking up the Namsan trail to N Seoul Tower and enjoying the scenery and quality air was peaceful and something new.


View From Seoul Tower Walking Trail 4
View From Seoul Tower Walking Trail


I was sad leaving at the end of the day, even sadder I was there only one day. There was so much to see and do there, and I felt I was rushing my visit. Next time I visit the N Seoul Tower, I plan on staying at a hotel near Namsan Tower for 3 or more days.

Having more days to visit the area will be more convenient and feel less rushed.

This post is not the end of my story in Korea. I intend on going back in a couple of years, hopefully for a long term stay.  Then, my story of Korea continues with more posts and videos.

Hopefully, you will continue to read my posts.  Sarang Haey Yo! Keep Fighting!



Love Locks Tree at Seoul Tower
Namsan Seoul Tower


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