Where Can I Get a Power of Attorney?


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This is part 2 to How to ship your car to South Korea.  If you are a service member, a service member dependent or a civilian that works at a military base you can get the Power of Attorney at an army base. For everyone else, find an attorney.  They will draft a Power of Attorney for you.

I went to my local military legal office and saw a legal specialist.  He asked for information about my car, the shipping company, and individual I wanted to grant a “Power of Attorney” to.  He typed it into his “Power of Attorney” template and printed out a sheet, and placed a stamped seal. It was now an official “Power of Attorney.”

Remember, that Power of Attorney has to have a stamped seal.  An imprint of the seal onto the paper.  I got three different (3) Power of Attorney’s from the local legal office for free.  Each to do something different.  Best part?  I saved money. Yahoo! Sorry Google.


Legal Tools and Desk


Shipping Your Vehicle To South Korea


The following is the complete step I had to take to get my vehicle to Korea.

Here are the steps I took to get my car from the Vehicle Storage Facility to the shipping company.  Remember for me, this took three (3) Power of Attorneys.  Your case may be different, most will only need one (1) or two (2) Power of Attorneys.  I was “special,” so I needed three (3) individual Power of Attorneys.

1. Find a shipping company that can ship your vehicle by boat.  Shipping by air is more expensive than boat shipping.  The boat shipping company will ask for numerous documents.  What they requested from me were: Two Power of Attorneys, Original Car Title, Copy of my State Drivers License, Copy of my U.S. passport, Copy of my current non-expired auto insurance, an address of my place in the United States and Korea, only 1/4 quarter of gas in my car’s gas tank.  I wind up getting a third (3rd) Power of Attorney.  The Power of Attorneys that I needed were:

a. A Power of Attorney that allowed someone from the shipping company to get my vehicles Title of Registration from the Vehicle Registration Office.

b. A Power of Attorney that will allow a named individual from the shipping company to take possession of the car and bring it to the shipping company.  The shipping company will then need the following documents before they can schedule a drop off date of the vehicle to a boat leaving for Korea.

c. Another “Power of Attorney” that will allow the Shipping Company to get the car through U.S. Customs onto their shipping company’s boat.


Shipping Company


2. I still used the auto insurance from the bank in the U.S.  It was a simple phone call and I told them I was no longer in the United States and would like to cancel my U.S. driving coverage and start a international insurance coverage to drive in Korea.  They did their thing, and I received a copy of my new auto insurance coverage for Korea by email.  The auto insurance coverage was now an international driving coverage.  This meant I could drive in Korea, but not in the U.S.

3. I gave the shipping company the rest of the information they requested.  Initially, I scanned and emailed all the materials they requested, but it turns out they needed the original Power of Attorney.  So I went to FedEx and Priority mailed the shipping company my original stamped sealed Power of Attorneys.  I sent it out Wednesday afternoon, and it got to them Friday morning. It only cost me $40.


Save Money Ship Vehicle


Before, During, And After The Car Is Shipped


The shipping company kept me up to date on the status of what was going on there.  They emailed me that the car was on the boat and gave me a delivery date.  They placed the vehicle on board the ship on 8 June 2018.  They gave me a delivery date of 22 June 2018.  Not bad!  Roughly 14 to 15 days. It worked out for me, that day was perfect.  It fell on a Friday.  I knew what I was doing that Friday!

The car shipped on Friday, 8 June 2018.  On 13 June 2018, I got an email stating that the vehicle would reach Busan port by 19 June 2018.  It took 11 days total to travel from the United States to Korea.


Save Money Ship Vehicle


I called the number on the email address and connected with a representative from the shipping company.  She said that the car would be in Busan port by 19 June 2018 and would be at Gimpo Airport, which is in Seoul Korea.

Initially, they said that the car would get dropped off at Incheon Port and I would have to go there and pick up the car.  However, the destination changed to Busan port, and the delivery point changed to Gimpo airport. Be prepared for changes.

It got stored at Gimpo airport until I picked up the car.  Storage is not free, there is a daily fee, so it is advisable for you to pick it up as soon as you hear from the shipping company.  The shipping company tracks the package and lets you know the date it will land in Korea.  Then it’s up to you to pick it up.

I got a temporary vehicle registration good for ten days from the local Korean Department of Motor Vehicle Office.  So, plan when you will go and pick up the car and give yourself some leeway so that the temporary vehicle registration doesn’t expire before you can get a permanent vehicle registration.

You will need a temporary vehicle registration, so go to a Motor Vehicle Department or on a military base if you are military personnel or a military dependent.  If not, then you will have to go to a local Korean motor vehicle department.  Pay the fee, and you will get a temporary registration card good for a certain amount of days.  Take the temporary vehicle registration card and go to the port and pick up the vehicle.

I would have to get the temporary registration in 18, 19, or 20 June 2018.  It would be good for ten days starting from that day.


Cargo Container Ship


Getting To The Vehicle Storage Facility At Gimpo Airport


I decided to take the public train to get to Seoul and grab another train to Incheon.  If needed I decided to take a taxi from Incheon to Incheon Port.  No one could drive me there.

If you are enrolled and covered under SOFA status, then the Vehicle Storage Facility import fees will be waived.  That saved me a couple hundred dollars.

I brought the vehicle to the military base I was in and registered for a permanent vehicle registration.

Now I Drive My Car In Korea.  So can you.  Safe Driving!  You might see me on the road, so say hi!

Ship Heading Out To Sea


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