Kudun (Gundun) Station: 군산 기차역


A scene between Seon Min (Uhm Tae Woong) and Seo-yeon (Suzy Bae) is shot at Kundun (Gundun) Station.  Check towards the bottom of the post for a bonus film location.

Kudun (Gundun) is located in the city of Gyeonggi-do around 40 miles (64 km) east of the capital city Seoul in South Korea.


Kundun Station Photo from GGTOUR

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Wonju Airport, about 15 mi (or 24 km) away, is the closest nearest airport.

There are numerous Unesco world heritage sites closeby.   Namhansanseong, 28 mi (or 45 km) far west, is the nearest heritage site close to Kundun.


Kundun Station

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4 Ways to Get to Kudun Station
1. Bus – 1hr 30m ($28 – $33) Bus 9801
2. Line 1 Train from Seoul Metro – 2hr 5m ($4 – $7)
3. Taxi – 1hr 2m ($80 – $95)
4. POV – 1hr 2m ($9 – $14 for gas)


Kundun Station 4

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What is the cheapest way to get to Kudun from Seoul?
From Seoul Metro take the Line 1 train.
From Cheongnyangni Station, take City Hall Station and arrive at Ilsin Station. The train will arrive at Ilsin Station and is operated by Korail Mugunghwa.

No direct train to Kudun station is available.

The fastest way is to drive yourself or take a taxi.


cheongnyangni train station

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Address: 3, Gudunyeok-gil, Jipyeong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: +82-31-771-2102
Link: https://kudun.modoo.at
Opening time: 09:00~18:00(on weekdays), 09:00~20:00(on weekends)
Admission: Hanging a wish message on a tree – KRW 2,000 / Flying a sky lantern – KRW 8,000


train at kundun station
kundun station street post sign

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Architecture 101 Poster


Architecture 101 (Korean: 건축학개론; RR: Geonchukhakgaeron; lit. Introduction to Architecture)


Architecture 101 is a 2012 romantic South Korea film written and directed by Lee Yong-ju from South Korea.  The film is about the story of two students who meet and fall in love in an introduction to architecture class.  The story continues as that same girl tracks down and employs her first love to help build her dream house.



Fast forward to Seoul, the present day.  That day, Yang Seo-yeon ( Han Ga-in), meets architect Lee Seung-min (Uhm Tae-woong) to build a new house for her in a 30-year-old
family home on the island of Jeju. The last time they had met was 17 years ago in college.

Seung-min accepts reluctantly to work on her project but cannot create a concept she is satisfied with.  Finally they agreed that the current house should be upgraded and extended.  During this renovation, Lee Seung-min and Yang Seo-yeon spend a lot of time in Jeju together, which irritates his fiance Eun-chae (Go Joon-hee), with whom he is going to marry and move to the United States with.  During the time Yang Seo-yeon takes care of her dying dad (Lee Seung-ho), Seung-min learns more about Seo-yeon in the previous years before their meetup for the house project.  He also starts to recall their initial meeting during college in the early 1990’s.

Back in the college years, Seung-min and Seo-yeon (Lee Je-hoon and Suzy Bae) had lived in the same neighborhood in Jeongneung-dong, Seoul and both had attended the same architecture class. He recollects her liking Jae-wook (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) a rich student and his own inability and shyness in declaring his affection for her.  He asks Seo-yeon (Suzy Bae) to meet him at an abandoned house they both liked to go to in order to confess his feelings for her. The night they are suppose to meet is when the first snow of the winter is suppose to start.  One particular night before his meeting with her, he catches both Jae-wook, the rich student, and Seo-yeon (Suzy Bae) both entering the abandoned house together.

Thinking the worst, he decides to end his friendship with Seo-yeon (Suzy Bae), believing she had chosen the rich student over him.  When the first day of snow arrives, Seo-yeon is left waiting in the abandoned house by herself.  Seung-min never shows up for their meeting.  Hurt and heartbroken, she leaves her portable CD player that contains her favorite CD.

Back to the present day. Seo-yeon receives that very same CD player and CD from Seung-min, meaning that he actually went to the house later and remembered their promise. But despite the bitter-sweetness of their first love, in the end, Seung-min still chooses his fiancée Eun-chae and flies with her to America, while Seo-yeon sits in the house he built for her, listening to the CD.

Why?  What happened?  Didn’t she explain to him or discuss with him if anything happened that night he saw her go inside the abandoned house with the rich student?  A sad story, where life doesn’t go according to what we the viewers think should or would happen.  Life is uncertain.  The movie left me thinking what if it happened a different way?


inside cafe de seoyeon 6

Source:  JeJu Tourism

Inside Cafe de Seoyeon 2

Source:  JeJu Tourism


2. Director Lee Yong-Ju has studied architecture in college and has had working experience as an architect.

3. The South Korean Box office showed “Architecture 101” on its opening weekend from 23 to 25 March.  The film was #1 that weekend selling 565 020 tickets on 592
screens, accounting for 34.2 percent of all tickets sold that weekend.


inside cafe de seoyeon 3

Source:  JeJu Tourism


4. During its theatrical run, “Architecture 101” sold 4.1 million tickets in South Korea.  On September 19, 2012 in South Korea, a limited edition DVD “Architecture 101” was released.  The limited edition set consisted of 2 DVD’s with bonus content containing commentaries, interviews, making of segment and trailer. (by the director Lee Yong-Ju, Uhm Tae-Woong, Lee Je-Hoon and Bae Suzy).  A 328-page book and postcards from the four major actors are also included.


Source:  JeJu Tourism


Following the film, the owners original plan was to build a gallery and cafe named “Seo-Yeon’s House”.  However, the effects of Typhoon Bolaven in August 2012 hastened the demolition of the house.  It was taken down in September 2012.


inside cafe de seoyeon 5

Source:  JeJu Tourism


On March 27th 2013, Cafe “Seo-Yeon’s House opened. The cafe, is remodeled from the actual house from “Architecture 101” starring Suzy Bae. The cafe is located at
2975 Wimi-ri 1, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island, South Korea.  See you there!


inside cafe de seoyeon
cafe de seoyeon on google map




Uhm Tae Woong

• Uhm Tae-woong as Lee Seung-min in the present
• First Name: Tae Woong
• Family Name: Uhm
• Native name: 엄태웅
• Also Known as: Eom Tae Woong;Eom Tae Ung
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: April 5, 1974
• Age: 46

Han Ga In

• Han Ga-in as Yang Seo-yeon  in the present
• First Name: Hyun Joo
• Family Name: Kim
• Native name: 한가인
• Also Known as: 김현주;Kim Hyeon Ju
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female
• Born: February 2, 1982
• Age: 38

Lee Je Hoon

• Lee Je-hoon as Lee Seung-min in the past
• First Name: Je Hoon
• Family Name: Lee
• Native name: 이제훈
• Also Known as: Lee Je Hun
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: July 4, 1984
• Age: 36

Suzy Bae

• Suzy Bae as Yang Seo-yeon in the past
• First Name: Su Ji
• Family Name: Bae
• Native name: 수지
• Also Known as: 배수지;Su Ji;Suzy
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female
• Born: October 10, 1994
• Age: 26

Yoo Yeon Seok

• Yoo Yeon-seok as Jae-wook, Seo-yeon’s sunbae and Seung-min’s rival
• First Name: Yun Suk
• Family Name: Ahn
• Native name: 유연석
• Also Known as: Yu Yeon Seok;Ahn Yun Suk;안연석;An Yeon Seok
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: April 11, 1984
• Age: 36

Jo Jung Suk

• Jo Jung-suk as Nab-ddeuk, Seung-min’s best friend
• First Name: Jung Suk
• Family Name: Jo
• Native name: 조정석
• Also Known as: Jo Jeong Seok; Cho Jung Seok
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male

• Born: December 26, 1980
• Age: 39

Go Joon Hee

• Go Joon-hee as Eun-chae, Seung-min’s fiancée
• First Name: Eun Joo
• Family Name: Kim
• Native name: 고준희
• Also Known as: Ko Jun Hui;Gim Eun Ju;Kim Eun Ju;Go Jun Hui;Go Jun Hee;Ko Joon Hee;Ko Jun Hee;Ko Joon Hui;김은주
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female
• Born: August 31, 1985
• Age: 35

Kim Dong Joo

• First Name: Dong Joo
• Family Name: Kim
• Native name: 김동주
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female


Jo Hyun Chul

  • Cho Hyun-Chul as Dong-Goo
    Name: Cho Hyun-Chul
    Hangul: 조현철
    Born: December 24, 1986
    Birthplace: South Korea

• Kim Eui-sung as Professor Kang
• First Name: Eui Sung
• Family Name: Kim
• Native name: 김의성
• Also Known as: Kim Ui Sung; Kim Ui Seong; Kim Eui Seong;
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: December 17, 1965
• Age: 54

Park Soo Young

• Park Soo-young as Architect Koo
• First Name: Soo Young
• Family Name: Park
• Native name: 박수영
• Also Known as: Park Su Yeong
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: March 15, 1970
• Age: 50

Park Jin Woo

• Park Jin-woo as the taxi driver
• First Name: Jin Woo
• Family Name: Park
• Native name: 박진우
• Also Known as: Bak Jin Woo;Park Jin Wu;Park Jin U
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: March 20, 1973
• Age: 47


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