Fans couldn’t seem to get enough of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s new look after she pushed aside her signature bangs.  They were complimenting on her beauty.


Don’t know why fans are so infatuated with Lisa’s forehead, but they were surely really happy and excited upon seeing her forehead.  As if they would never see it again?

Why do some fans go wild when they see Lisa’s long hair without her bangs?  She may look beautiful with her short hair, but they just seem to love her forehead.

Lisa was seen recording a video of herself to cheer on the half-Black, half-Thai entertainer named James Rusameekae Fagerlund in his upcoming celebrity boxing match.  Wonder if he will win?


Simply making the homely appearance with comfort, Lisa was seen wearing a hoodie, and her face looked fresh and smooth.  When her bangs were parted to the side, she looked even more younger.



| rusameekae/Instagram


The BLINKs fell in love with her again, and chatting the phrase “BANGLESS LISA” over and over in order to admire her beauty.  Why not?  Lisa’s bright youthful energy with no-bangs look captivated her fans once again.  Gotta love Korean Pop, KPop!  It is making young girl’s dreams like Lisa’s come true!



| rusameekae/Instagram

They loved the look and many fans couldn’t help noting out that she would look stunning with shoulder-length hair.


| @chnyxxxxx/Twitter

No matter what length or style her hair is, Lisa is loved by her fans.

Remember, we are young only once in this life, make the best of it and don’t waste your youth away by making bad choices.  Whether bad choices are from peer pressure, your own choice, or your current situation, look for opportunities.  This was Gyopo Tacticool Reloaded Oppa, signing out.  Until the next post, Fighting!

Source: Instagram

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