In a recent On And Off episode released in 22 Nov 2020, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny had a genuine discussion with her best friend, BoA. The girls were talking about the stresses of idol life, and how it is now since they reached their 30s. During their discussion about solo albums, Sunny admitted that she had been under pressure the entire time she was with the group as she was concerned about her place in the group.

Sunny illustrated how the groups promotions were adding to the presence and publicity of SNSD. She likened their promotions to MSG. MSG is a seasoning that adds flavor to a food dish.

She admitted that she used to worry that her style of voice was not something what the producers envisioned for the girl group. During that phase, the producers thought the groups voice should have a more professionally “produced” and edited “artificial” sounding voice. All SONE fans know that Sunny’s voice is low and husky.

Sunny remembered an instance when a producer had told her that her voice sounded boring! Because of the difference between what the producers wanted and her voice ability, Sunny revealed that she began to lose confidence. Being supportive , BoA praised her singing and told Sunny that she wished Sunny would continue to perform. Please check out the clip below!

SONEs, remember that no one is born knowing all the dance moves. Practice, dedication, passion, and spirit is what develops and hones an ability.


Sunny SNSD Talking 2


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DISCLAIMER:  The paragraphs above is my attempt at Korean English humor. I am a Korean-American, so I believe it is ok. If you don’t like it, then don’t read the paragraphs above. Too late, you already done it.


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