Aespa’s only recently launched, but they’ve already gathered a steady stream of fans!  An early fansite for Karina, recently shared a series of pictures from her latest music stage performances.  The images went viral as soon as it posted, due to her beauty.

While these were only low-quality teaser images, it didn’t deter her visuals from showing through.  Netizens had nothing but appreciation for the beautiful talented singer.

A lot of people said she looks much better than her AI equivalent!  Her flawless form of the face and her glassy wide eyes were the envy of many. Here’s what the netizens said about her.


Korean Chat Screencapture


• “amazing.”
• “She looks totally like a game character – f*cking pretty”
• “Her face shape is like Kang Daniel’s”
• “Her face shape is oba… it’s like a 2D drawing or anime”
• “Her face shape is really like an AI kkkkk how is she so pretty kk”
• “She’s f*cking pretty, totally filled-to-the-brim with pretty”
• “She looks like an SM-type face along with YoonA and Irene“


Korean Chat Screencapture 2


• “Her face shape is so pretty kkk she looks like the Heize and Yeji type of face”
• “Really pretty”
• “Pretty”
• “Unique and pretty”
• “The more I look at her the prettier she is”
• “Her face shape *shiver*”
• “Not just her face shape but her neck and shoulder line is pretty”
• “A celebrity itself”

With visuals this strong, her entertainment company must be glad they signed her first? Here is an individual fan-cam for “Black Mamba” song. Where do they find these girls?!?

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