Lee Yeo Reum revealed that while she worked at these adult entertainment establishments, she claimed boundaries and maintained those lines she would not cross nor allow customers to cross.

“I poured drinks at adult establishments, but I didn’t do any more than that.”
— Lee Yeo Reum


Lee Yeo Reum Photo 4


Adult entertainment facilities are widely best known for offering all types of pleasure-related services.
But as an employee, she only poured drinks and nothing else. We were curious to know how much she made doing only that, and Lee Yeo Reum kindly disclosed how much money she made at these jobs. Below is the translation from her own words:

“I used to make ₩4.00 million KRW (about $3,590 USD) to ₩5.00 million KRW (about $4,490 USD) per month.”
— Lee Yeo Reum


Lee Yeo Reum Photo 3


Afterwards, she left those jobs and started work at broadcasting. Lee Yeo Reum had to deal with a lot of animosity when people knew about her past employment.

“I dealt with a lot of hate comments after I revealed that I worked at adult entertainment establishments.  After I revealed that on broadcast, my family found out about it. My mother cried.”
— Lee Yeo Reum

Lee Yeo Reum clarified that she was not ashamed of her past work. Why would she be? She only poured drinks and nothing else! But she got paid pretty good for doing only that.

“When I kept it a secret, I was ashamed.  But once I let it out, I’m not ashamed anymore.”
— Lee Yeo Reum


Source: Insight
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