f(x)’s Krystal and Kim Jae Wook may be working and starring in a new Korean drama together!

On July 27, an entertainment industry representative reported, “Krystal will be taking one of the lead role in ‘Crazy Love.”

In response to this report, her agency H& Entertainment commented, “She received a casting offer for the drama ‘Crazy Love’ and is currently reviewing the offer and script.”

The romance drama is about a man when told he will be murdered, pretends to have amnesia and a woman who pretends to be his fiance when told she also doesn’t have long to live.  Kim Jae Wook is currently in negotiation to play Noh Go Jin, CEO of GO Study and the top math instructor in the country in the drama. “Crazy Love” is being written by Kim Bo Gyeom and hopefully will air later this year.

Krystal has been offered the role of Lee Ji Young, Noh Go Jin’s secretary with an absolute zero presence. She is the most sincere and honest at the company but since she is quiet, introverted and inadequate at bragging, she is invisible at the company.

Krystal has impressed K-drama fans with her acting in dramas like “Heirs,” “The Player,” and “Search.”  She is currently promoting her other drama she starred in, “Police University.”  It will premieres on August 9, 2021.

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