I am a fan of Taeyeon of Girls Generation, SNSD.  This event happened years ago, but I feel we need to remember the dangers of being a KPop idol.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was almost snatched off stage by a mysterious man at the 2011 Angel Price Music Festival in the Lotte World Ice Rink.  The most surprising thing is; it happened in public, on stage!

During their live onstage performance of their hit song “Run Devil Run,” an anonymous unknown man casually came on stage and grabbed Taeyeon by her arm and started pulling away from the group.  Afraid, Taeyeon tried to resist being dragged by the man; however, she was dragged continuously.  Several members were unaware of what was going on while the other members were uncertain to what was happening.

Luckily, two individuals knew what was going on and acted.  One of them was none other than the fellow Girls Generation member Sunny.  As soon as Sunny saw the man’s hold on Taeyeon, she followed them.

The other person coming to Taeyeon’s rescue was MC of the show, comedian Oh Jung Tae.  In the video at the end of this post, you can see him dragging the unknown man down while Sunny is standing over them.  Fans applaud Sunny for her courage in defending Taeyeon from an insane kidnapper.  The most infuriating part is that while the the security guards pinned down the crazy kidnapper down, the man never let go of Taeyeon go.  Neither did Sunny.  That unknown man wasn’t going anywhere.  The most infuriating thing about this was that the man was not charged and let go! WTF?!?

As mentioned above, the other hero of this unfortunate event was Oh Jung Tae, the host of the music festival.  In the video of the incident, Oh Jung Tae can be seen stopping the guy just before he’s about to leave the stage.



Fans acknowledge and thanked the effort of the comedian as he firmly attempts to pull the guy away from Taeyeon.

In an episode of Beatles Code, the host Yoon Jong Shin asked Sunny, “wasn’t it a scary thing to do?”

Sunny admitted that since it happened so fast that she didn’t even have time to think about it: She said, “I didn’t think about what to do, honestly.”  Tiffany, another member of SNSD, added that the reaction was based on the instinct to help a close group member.



Oh Jung Tae shares in his own interview with Starnews Korea that he’s not a hero.  He happened to be the first person at the right time and place.

The interviewer went on to inquire about Taeyeon, and asked him if she was shocked.  He said she was really surprised and in shock.  Even he was amazed and baffled at what just happened, he added.  Oh Jung Tae revealed that Taeyeon cried after the incident happened.

Attempting to lighten the mood of the interview, the comedian cracked a joke that Taeyeon was probably even more shocked at seeing his face.  As a whole, the fans thanked Oh Jung Tae, calling him “Girls’ Generation bodyguard” and a “national hero.”

The unknown man responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Taeyeon apologized and said he did it because he was a passionate fan of Taeyeon’s.  The fans were swift to name label the unknown man a Sasaeng.  After this attempted kidnapping, Taeyeon took a much-needed break to recover.  She did not press any charges.

Check out both clips of the incident and the interview below:



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