STAYC is a six-member girl group that had first debuted on Nov 12, 2020 from High Up Entertainment.  Their first song, “Star To A Young Culture”, holds a meaning behind their group name.

Producer Black Eyed Pilseung is the brains behind this new girl group and is also known for creating hit K-Pop tracks, which includes; TWICE’s “TT”, SISTAR’s “Lonely” and much more.

During a recent radio interview on ‘Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio’, The girls revealed that it took the entertainment company three years to search and find the members that had the talent and personality they were looking for.  The girls were the result. It shows!


STAYC Girl Group Photo Official Twitter 2


The company diligently and tirelessly screened for applicants that did not have a past history of bullying and other future scandal producing attention.  They sincerely wanted girls that had the potential to become K-Pop idols without any future issues.

There was too much at stake.  The company didn’t want to waste any time and work to create a group that could have difficulties debuting and maintaining their name.  With that, it was a challenge to come up with the group name as well.

Online communities and netizens were surprised to find out what possible names were on the company’s list before STAYC’s debut.  Check it out below.


STAYC Girl Group Photo Official Twitter 3


The names on the potential list included:
1. Oriental Girls
2. Favorites
3. Molar

The meaning behind MOLAR was that they would “chew up K-Pop with their talent.”

스테이씨 이름 후보
1. 동양의 소녀들
2. 즐겨찾기
3. 어금니
4. 스테이씨
— 앙고 (@ango1sa) November 22, 2020

Netizens and fans were in complete amazement as they saw the names that the girls of STAYC may have been instead!  Fans were happy and satisfied with the girl groups current name, STAYC. Check out their music video below!

The girls of STAYC are happy with their group name!  I thought creating a girl group, training the girls was tough.  The name of the group is also a critical element, since it is their brand name.

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STAYC Girl Group Photo Official Twitter