Daum has a list of Korea’s most searched for dramas on their search engine with an hourly ranking. Daum is a Korean search engine, one of the most popular search engines in Korea. Being searched for online does not necessarily mean that these dramas being watched the most, but they are the most searched for dramas at the moment.

I haven’t heard of these dramas until today. And they are the top 10 most searched for this week. This collection is based off of 23 November, 2020 data.

Here is the list:
1- “Phoenix 2020”
2- “Homemade Love Story”
3- “Start-Up“
4- “The Goddess of Revenge”
5- “Penthouse: War in Life“
6- “A Man in a Veil”
7- “Delayed Justice”
8- “Phoenix”
9- “My Wonderful Life”
10- “Tale of the Nine Tailed“

“Phoenix 2020”, “Homemade Love Story” and “Start-Up” are the top three in the ranking. Guess I have to check out these dramas. I haven’t heard of these dramas until today. Glad I decided to edit this post. See you all later, I have Korean dramas to watch tonight with a bottle of coca cola and fruits!

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Screenshot from Daum


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