In a Korean media outlet named News1 year-end survey, representatives from 22 K-Pop agencies were asked to vote for their opinions on who the best rookie boy groups were for 2020.  Directors, managers, CEOs from SM, JYP, YG, Big Hit and more ranked the K-Pop boy groups.  Here is what they decided.


4. P1Harmony & MCND

P1Harmony and MCND received one vote each to rank 4th jointly as the Best Male Rookies.

P1 Harmony is a group from FNC Entertainment.  They debuted in October 28, 2020 with their mini album titled, Disharmony: Stand Out.  Their mini album has currently sold about 22,400 albums.

With over 11 million views on Youtube, the group’s first title track song, “Siren” has been a huge success.  The group conducted innovating promotions to their debuts, P1H: A New World Begins being one great successful example.

MCND from TOP Media debuted with their first mini album, Into the Ice Age in Febuary 27, 2020.  Before the group gain popularity and fans, they had participated in survival variety shows like The Fan and Under 19.

Their IP smooth hip-hop genre title track “Ice Age”, has received over 23 million views on Youtube as of today.

MCND released on 20 August 2020, another mini album, their second, “Earth Age“.  Since then, the album has sold over 25,000 albums (Hanteo).


3. DRIPPIN & Lim Young Woong

Ranking 3rd place jointly, DRIPPIN and Lim Young Woong received two votes each for Best male Rookies.

DRIPPIN is a K-Pop boy group from Woollim Entertainment, debuting on October 28, 2020 with their first mini album titled, “Boyager”.  As of today, their mini album has sold over 44,200 copies (Hanteo) and even reached #1 in several countries on the iTunes album chart.

Their song “Nostalgia” has received over 10 million views on Youtube.  It will be even more by tomorrow.

After winning the Mr. Trot survival show this year 2020, Soloist Lim Young Woong, who debuted in 2016 with his single track titled, “Hate You” rose to fame.

His latest single track song titled, “Trust in Me”, released in 3 April 2020 has received over 1.1 million views on Youtube.  The song earned him a Genie Music Award and Melon Music Award in the Best Trot Song genre.



Receiving four votes, ENHYPEN ranked 2nd on the Best Male Rookies.

BE:LIFT‘s ENHYPEN debuted with their first mini album, Border: Day One on November 30, 2020.  After participating on the survival show I-LAND, the group built up a large fanbase.  This allowed them to sell over 307,400 copies of their album (Hanteo), an awesome achievement.

Their title track song, “Given-Taken, has achieved the most-viewed in 202 boy group debut music video within 24 hours.  They have over 20 million views on Youtube.  It will achieve more by the time you read this.



Receiving six votes each, TREASURE and CRAVITY ranked 1st jointly, on the Best Male K-Pop Rookies!

TREASURE, from YG Entertainment debuted on 7 August 2020.  WIth their first single album, The First Step: Chapter One selling over 190,000 copies (Hanteo), that achievement has earned them the Hanteo Chart Initial Chodong certificate for selling over 100,000 copies in one week.

Fast forward to today.  Their title track song “Boy” has received over 56 million views on Youtube

In addition, their single album The First Step: Chapter Two has sold over 186,000 copies and The First Step: Chapter Three sold over 185,000 copies.

“I Love You” with 47 million views and “Mmm” with over 26 million views on Youtube is set to break their record for the most number of views on Youtube.

CRAVITY from Starship Entertainment debuted with their first mini album titled, Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are on 14 April 2020.  Since then, they have sold an impressive 91,800 copies (Hanteo) and even breaking the record for the most sales in one week for rookie K-Pop boy groups.

Their title track, “Break all the Rules”, has surpassed over 13 million views on YouTube.

On August 24, 2020, CRAVITY released their second mini album: Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into, on 24 August 2020.  It has sold over 122,900 copies since its release.  Their latest single, “Flame”, has reached 14 million views on YouTube and will surpass that by the time you read this.



Source:  A post from News1