Seoul National University of Science and Technology 서울대학교


A scene of Joint Security Area (2000) was shot at Dasan Hall, Seoul National University.  Too bad I wasn’t able to be there, it would have been interesting to see how the Korean films are shot so efficiently.

English: Seoul National University

Korean: 서울대학교
Hanja: 서울大學校
RR: Seoul Daehakgyo

Address: South Korea, Seoul, 1 Gwanak-gu, 관악로 1 서울대학교 생명과학부 504동


Seoul National University Campus


Seoul National University of Science and Technology (abbreviated Seoultech or SNUST) is a national university located in Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology branched off from the Royal Engineering Research Center established in 1906 by Emperor Gojong’s Royal Decree.


Seoul National University of Technology 서울과학기술대학교


Later on, the school split and formed into three institutions: Gyeongseong Public Industrial School, Gyeonggi Technical College and Seoul National University of Technology. It celebrated its 100th anniversary since its foundation and was finally transformed into the Seoul National University of Technology in September 2010. South Koreans know the school as ‘Seoultech’.


Dasan Hall Seoul National University


Today Seoultech University (SNUST) contains six colleges, 23 departments, seven graduate schools and 11,500 students that span across the fifth largest university campus in Seoul with 508,690 square meters (124 acre) of land.

The campus is in the northern area of Seoul, in Nowon-gu. That area use to house the colleges of engineering of Seoul National University. In 2015, Quacquarelli Symonds ranked Seoul National University of Science of Technology second in South Korea and 23rd in Asia in focused quality education. That same year, the Korean Economic Daily (한국경제신문) ranked the university 15th in South Korea in the field of Science and Engineering.


Address: South Korea, Seoul, 1 Gwanak-gu, 관악로 1 서울대학교 생명과학부 504동


How To Get To Seoul National University


Public Transportation –

Campus Shuttles –

From the Airport –

Parking on Campus –


Walking Around Seoul National University Video


Sinseong-Ri Reed Field (신성리 갈대밭)


The Sinseong-ri Reed Field (Korean: 신성리 갈대밭) is a geographic reed bed located at the opening of the Geum River where Seocheon and Gunsan city meet.

The Sinseong-ri Reed field has been selected for filming for movies like Joint Security Area (2000) and the Korean drama Chu-no in 2010.

Thanks to the mega-hit movie JSA filming at the location, the field has become a popular place to visit for South Koreans and foreigners.  Voted as one of the eight scenic spots in Seocheon, Reed Experience Hall has been built.  The Hall sells specialty products of Seocheon such as sokokju and mosi cake.  The best times to see the golden reeds is during the months is July to February.  Bring your digital camera!

Address: 57 Guncheong-ro, Seocheon-eup, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do 33638, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-41-950-4114


Sinseong-ri Reed Field in Summer


Geography of Sinseong-ri Reed Field


It is one of the four largest reed beds in South Korea, being 200 meters wide and 1.5 kilometers long.  The other three reed beds are with Gocheon-amho (Haenam), Suncheon Bay (Suncheon) and Ansan reed marsh park (Ansan).  The Korea Tourism Organization has selected it to be the typical reed habitat found in South Korea.

Previously called ‘Gomgae Naru’, the reed habitat is home for over 40 different species of winter birds that visit the habitat from December to January.  It has been estimated that over 100,000 birds visit the habitat each year.  Only a small fraction of the reed beds are used as walking trails for public use, roughly less than 4%.  This preserves the reed beds as a natural habitat.  During the fall, the reeds have a golden color that creates a romantic atmosphere, especially popular for young and old couples alike.공동경비구역-2000


Other Tourist Attractions Nearby Sinseong-ri Reed Field


(서천팔경; 舒川八景) along with Maryang-ri Camellia Forest (마량리 동백나무 숲) –

Geumgang Estuary Bird Sanctuary (금강 하굿둑 철새도래지) –

Hansan Mosi (Ramie Fabric) Village (한산 모시 마을) –

Chunjangdae Beach (춘장대 해수욕장) –

Munheonseowon Confucian School (문헌서원) –

Huirisan Recreational Forest (희리산 자연휴양림) –

Cheonbangsan Mountain (천방산) –


Sinseong-ri Reed Field Photo


Homepage to Sinseong-ri Reed Field  (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Information Use
Contact and Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-41-952-9525

Parking facilities : Available

Day off : N/A (Open all year round)



Walking About Sinseong-ri Reed Field Video


And Finally… To the main reason why I posted the locations.  



JSA Joint Security Area 공동경비구역 2000


Joint Security Area (Korean: 공동경비구역 JSA) is a South Korean mystery action thriller film released in 2000 starring Lee Young-ae, Lee Byung-hun and Song Kang-ho.  Directed by Park Chan-wook, it is based on the novel DMZ by Park Sang-yeon.  The film, which was shot on location in South Korea, concerns an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fatal shooting incident within the DMZ, the heavily fortified border that separates North and South Korea.

Movie: Joint Security Area
Revised romanization: Gongdonggyeongbiguyeok JSA
Hangul: 공동경비구역 JSA
Director: Park Chan-Wook
Writer: Park Sang-Yeon (novel), Jeong Seong-San, Kim Hyeon-Seok, Lee Moo-Young
Producer: Seok Dong-Jun
Cinematographer: Kim Sung-Bok
Release Date: September 9, 2000 (South Korea)
Runtime: 110 min.
Genre: Drama / Mystery / War / North Korea /Award Winning
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Native Title: 공동경비구역 JSA
Also Known As: Gongdong Gyeongbi Guyeok JSA
Screenwriter & Director: Park Chan Wook
Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Seok
Genres: Military, Friendship, Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Tragedy

It was the highest-grossing film in Korean film history at the time and won Best Film at the 2000 Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 2001 Grand Bell Awards.



PLOT – SYNOPSIS of Joint Security Area (2000)


The movie is set around the ‘Bridge of No Return’, part of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that divides North and South Korea in Panmunjom.

Two border guards are killed at a North Korean guard house in the DMZ.  Sergeant Lee Soo-hyeok (Lee Byung-hun), a South Korean soldier flees back to the South Korean border, he is wounded in the middle of the no-man’s land within the DMZ.

The killing of the two North Korean guards cause a potential conflict to flare up again between North and South Korea from the serious incident.  North Korea sees the killings as a ‘terroist attack’ of deliberate provocation and accuses South Korea while South Korea sees it as a distraction from the failed ‘abduction’ gone wrong for North Korea.  Unless resolved, the incident will have grave repercussions, most likely leading to war between both North and South Korea.

Both North and South Korea call upon the Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee (NNSC) to conduct an independent neutral investigation on the incident.  The NNSC sends a female Swiss army captain of Korean descent named Sophie (Lee Yeong-Ae) to investigate the deaths of the North Korean border guard at Panmunjom in the DMZ.

At first North and South army officers refuse to cooperate.  It seems to be a simple case, Sergeant Lee Soo-hyeok has confessed to the killings, but both North and South officials seem to have contradicting stories.  What should have been a simple solved case turns complicated.

Not knowing who is telling the truth, evidence showing a mysterious agenda, Sophie continues the investigation until it is revealed that she may not be neutral in the investigation.  The plot continues to develop and towards the end of the movie, a shocking evidence reveals what actually happened.


Cast Members:  Click on the arrow to the left and right of the slider below.

Kim Tae Woo

Kim Tae Woo as Nam Sung Shik

• First Name: Tae Woo
• Family Name: Kim
• Native name: 김태우
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: April 15, 1971
• Age: 49

Kwon Nam Hee

Kwon Nam Hee as Jung Woo Jin’s Mother

• First Name: Nam Hee
• Family Name: Kwon
• Native name: 권남희
• Also Known as: Gwon Nam Hui
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun as SGT Lee Soo Hyuk

• First Name: Byung Hun
• Family Name: Lee
• Native name: 이병헌
• Also Known as: Lee Byeong Heon;Brian
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: July 12, 1970
• Age: 50

Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae as MAJ Sophie E. Jean

• First Name: Young Ae
• Family Name: Lee
• Native name: 이영애
• Also Known as: Lee Yeong Ae;
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Female
• Born: January 31, 1971
• Age: 49

Shin Ha Kyun

Shin Ha Kyun as Jung Woo Jin

• First Name: Ha Kyun
• Family Name: Shin
• Native name: 신하균
• Also Known as: Shin Ha Gyun
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: May 30, 1974
• Age: 46

Song kan Ho

Song Kang Ho as SGT Oh Kyung Pil

• First Name: Kang Ho
• Family Name: Song
• Native name: 송강호
• Also Known as: Song Gang Ho
• Nationality: South Korean
• Gender: Male
• Born: January 17, 1967
• Age: 53


JSA Joint Security Area 공동경비구역 (2000) Trivia



Within the first week of release, the movie had been seen by over 500,000 movie goers.  Two weeks later, over one million tickets had been sold.  By the beginning of 2001, Joint Security Area was one of the highest grossing film in the Korean film industry.

Over 2,499,400 tickets were sold in Seoul alone, 5.8 million tickets were sold in South Korea 20 weeks later.

The film was surprisingly successful in Japan as well, selling over 1,160,000,000 Yen in tickets.

Films Friend, Silmido and Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (one of my favorite South Korea war films) all learned from the success of JSA, these films surpassed JSA’s revenue, ticket sales and popularity.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il was given a DVD of the movie from South Korea’s President Roh Moo-hyun at the October 2007 Korean summit meeting.

In 2009, Director Quentin Tarantiono named JSA as one of his twenty favorite films since 1992.



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